Mutual competitive environments of creation – arms race…Part 1.b. Flying towns.

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Everyone is ignorant in any field, but it does not authorize to be irresponsible for constructing their environment and their future.

We continue this ignorant process of emerging from the orbit of attracting a natural evolutionary … law of…

I remind you that this is not a zero-score game in a passively reworking environment.

The hyper initiative is a way to own creation by asymmetrically environment reconstruction…

In general, the entire mechanism of the functioning of nature consists in this particular race of arms…or evolution
And how does this mechanism of armaments race?
It may have a different process, constructional, gradual, or staged, and expansive processes.
In nature … A specific evolutionary explosion … Layering, reengineering, reviving … energizing … efficient reconstruction.
Knowing this mechanism, we can participate in this race … often a race not only for adventure but for life … instinct of life

This race has its appeal also in the economy … production, robotization, automation, computerization of travel, living, entertainment, … physics, biology, medicine, etc
It is about to understand this process, its operation, construction, and reconstruction. Increasing the efficiency of this process from our point of interest in development … as well as safeguards … layering, explosive stresses. as these layering, use of … constructionally energetic.

Artificially encouraging evolution, our own environment and living according to our own directions of existence and development.
Accelerating vaccines with additional … impulses … using Trojans horses to cheat the course … evolutionary laws, physical, etc … External factors of artificial “evolutionary” engines.

And here we come to the key moment of this hyper enterprise.

Creation of a perennial environment that animates our technological advantage over natural challenges, laws, barriers, crises, clashes, opposites, threats, catastrophes.
Construction of an artificial system of mutual competing – a kind of arm-raising of each other’s teams of robots supported by Al and human steering, programming.

This mechanism of the arms race is … used in the instinct of struggle and defense in nature and in us.
We can not waste this instinct energy. We must somehow pave this energetic defense and development potential.

Too much moral and social resistance, as well as ordinary security, caused that this accelerator of automation would start on the planet Mercury … And for reasons of energy, material, safety … also for the automatic production of shields in the belt between the orbits of Mercury and the Earth for tuning influence on the effects of the sun in the earth’s direction …. climate space engineering.

But this time here, we have a method to make this Mercurybis project (previously USA Mercury program was connected with sending a human to Earth’s orbit) on the Earth’s orbit … hanging, flying automatic complexes, solar panels of drone/airplane robot cities in a broad layer of Earth atmosphere.

The same evolving self-reliance, BUT! Also artificially driven by automatic mutual competitiveness,  complexes of solar-powered robot cities and materials for the construction of multi-area teams of light robots, drones, machines to sustain high above the Earth and … cooling the Earth’s climate with their multi-area self-expanding shadow complexes … with processing CO2 as well.

These flying factories with a domino effect of development … everything is not just a modification of climate engineering, but also investments (also cities…of flying hotels finally), ground, water, underwater, above-ground … towns for a rebuilding of telecommunications and communication systems, i.e. not only climatic engineering but the engineering that affects our lives indirectly and directly … literally.

To be continued in the outline of hyper-evolutionary competition.


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