An arms race of creations. Part 1.c. A creative definition of evolution…accelerator.



Mechanism … Creation of recreation … evolution
The world created by permanent recreation structures based on a specific pattern of competition systems, organisms, environmental organisms organized, activated by more or less active participants, systems, structures … the gods of this process including us, the atoms of their parts, physical and chemical structures, biology, cosmic … economic, social, individual.
We can observe more developmental development on a current basis, influence these creations of biological life, also… a life of stars planets, atoms, and other structures and levels according to our advanced technological, social, mental and economic organization. Selective economics.
We must realize – and believe in our infinite potential for transforming the influencing, reversing, accelerating of all physical, biological processes, etc.
Since God is in us and beyond, we must feel legally and compulsorily responsible for the creations in this competitive environment around us and in us.
God is a co-responsible creator, a system structure, a processor that can potentially do everything. So we as co-responsible also take whether we want it or not. It depends on us whether, as passive, observer observers or maybe something more co-responsible partners, we will be actively involved in not passive evolutionary participation, i.e. participation in creative competition with other processes structures for the advantage of processes, constitutional in our cosmic being as travelers, as people wanting to play and live the best in terms of quantity and quality … speed, energy (reconstruction), length … of life, exceeding the barriers of speed, length, and vitality at the scale of the geometric pace.

Here, let’s take a look at the definitions or reasons of the theory of evolution and the theory of creation
One does not exclude one another.
The theory of creation is in the theory of evolution. Technically, practically, in theory, every structure is created by creations, you can do it slowly or faster and immediately. It can be a galaxy, a person or a bigger or smaller structure or process.
The only factor determining the role of this creation is … evolution or active activity (mutual competing) of systems, interest structures in these changes, creation, interested in using the energy of recreation, creating space, structure, process, or using the energy of creation.
God is in every structure, awakening (realizing) his potential creation gives this opportunity to create … but in competing systems, visions, people, … gods and this is called the evolution of the game of interests, often just fighting for life, for dignity life, life, or the right to use the existing goods, that is, some kind of re-creation systems … creating (constructing) … your own creation … God is in us, that is, an infinite potential for creating, shaping space, living in any direction, quality, speed, infinity, macro or micro.

All biological physical barriers and any answers and … rights to this participation with others in a specific network competition are to break and gain.
Potential = the creative system is and is used by various parties of interests.
Different users can be convinced (we can convince) about their rights to their creations, re…creation and work on ideas regardless of whether it will be like in a rapid growth … power transformation and …
it can be used by other producers or users who can use new functions or products, production, travel, speed, length, sophistication of the structure, a life-cycle process of a given organism, etc.

Technologically, we are able to confirm the theories of creation. Define, construct structures, processes for maximum speeds indefinitely, extend life to infinity, revive structures of processes, restore them,… revive the dead. It is fully possible, and God, nature system, we can do it.

Absolute engineering = creating.
Absolute surgery, a specific laparoscopy at the level of … chemical – instead of alchemy, operating (creating) structures at the global level. cosmic, microcosmic, biological, genetic … medical
And this is due to the Trojan horse asymmetric input of the competition exercises of their own constructed artificial automatic structures so that we can get out of this competition with nature …on a level of our growth potential by really massive robotic automation development.

Super fast operations on structures to improve or repair – eg post-accident, disease – parts (or the whole) of the organism at the level of organs, cells, molecules, atoms … by self-replicating, self-reliance robotic systems.

Vaccine mechanism
A Trojan horse to stimulate the technological boom to defend against negative evolution and development.
Internal technological competition practiced between artificially created automatic teams of robots – a specific survival school of our civilization and everybody life individually.

to be continued by the sketchy outline restructuring (creation) accelerator search by biology, physics, economy …

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