Artificial hyper(r)evolution. Part 3.b. It’s enough to start with one seed … one … model of robots city carrier…against the evolutionary trend.


Hyper robotics show entertainment to start the (r)evolution.
A mutual competition of self-replicating complex models.
How to make efficient the creation accelerator hyper revolution on living body of economics, biology, physics?
3d copier self-replicating towns powered by competitions in directions for more efficient on more complexity potential by structured and geometric scale development in directions for more and more really micro and macrostructure.

It’s enough to start with one seed … one … model of robots city.

The model town of robots self capable in 100% replication, (efficiency developing as well!) itself so can we start the hyper revolution of super speedy production base for more efficient recreation modification, regeneration, (r) evolution programmed for multiplying self-reproduction and production and influence this way efficiency by a scale of reproduction, reprogramming…
of doing more light materials, more efficient energy sources, of duplicating in a mini version, micro sizes indefinitely.
Parallel modification capability efficiency programming and production of smaller and smaller bricks (the first models of town/grains) for reconstruction entire space, planets, parts of them, stars, further in chain effect scale modifications of the reconstruction.
It’s going of explanations…and exploitation of the mechanism of the recreation. First, it goes on miniaturization, duplicating and overholding structures in us, planets stars, space. Further learning for the micro-robotic remote mass programming, modifications.

Any reconstructions use …energy and trigger additional energies for …further reconstructions…creations.
(reconstructive)Energy on different levels that constructionally “brakes” laws of symmetry…eg E=mc2 = genetics of physics, biology, space…

So we can have our own modified development seed.
Own tree, and further own building material, fertilizer for the production of next generations of grains – cells, atoms, particles of elementary, automatic teams of (robots, 3 d copiers)cities …

We are in a passive evolutionary trend, but our seeds, our trees, our cities, and our revolutionary development will allow us to build our lives literally more to ours.

It’s our seed. We function on other, “natural” seeds, trends of evolution, creation of carriers. We need a more own carrier of development, not (only) a carrier of fate from God or natural systems. Because we are not … stones, but full-fledged, able-bodied…of ingenuity and technology too, and co-responsible for our garden (Eden)of life in us and beyond.

The greater the structural complication, the greater the predominance of property modification on natural competitors. This is the complex system of programmed self-restoration of these artificial cities structures at a given an increasingly higher level.
Bleaching or exceeding infinite levels of biological, physical, physical structures, medicine, transport (tele)communication, energy.

This mega gigantism is based on the technological, organizational momentum of all barriers along the way … But its precision will minimize unnecessary skirmishes with nature or our additional inviolable interests, renaturalization.
Regenerating structures of environmental processes, i.e. new waves of light and its speed in the relations of mass, energy of kinetic and of… reconstruction, on various structural levels, where energy velocities will be different for the same mass at a given level of natural and artificial construction.

The multiplication mega gigantism of the project forces us to enter space (at the same time this cosmos gives further grounds for this gigantism … this is the modification of the structures’ reconstruction and their potential …) of the microcosm, although genetically it is not intended to be a cosmic adventure.

Predicting all natural process values, structural energy … the potential for further asymmetric structural transformations at given levels of acquiring the transfer of evolution, creation at given levels of potential development.

Structural energy means further domino effects and creation. Energy from reconstructing further energy levels of creation, creation
Energy levels of exploration and mass …
3d power plants
Self-replicating at an above hypergeometric (self-replicating reconstructions) pace … Every structural change accelerates this pace many times
how to build a nuclear power plant multiplication…all self-replicating … more on hyper atom energy…for life(literally) aspects too, later.

to be continued with explanations and further search and reconstruction of features

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