Artificial hyper(r)evolution. Part 4.a. A strategy potential/will as the basis of genetic engineering for further new seed for real development. Riding a stagecoach to Mars?

Artificial hyper(r)evolution. Part 4.a. Technology, production and strategy potential/will as the basis of genetic engineering for further new seed for real development. Riding a stagecoach to Mars?

Of course, we are talking here about the partially not fully 100% independent seed(the of self-replicating robots towns model) in the further expansion of life and development. Because of any dependence from the background, environment, space on which the seed grows, takes over the own environment at some developmental level, with modifications that have a consequent impact on the space, the environment in which it operates, which will be in the next order, will be on further, a higher basis, the level of development for further qualitative and quantitative expansion of this seed from its center as well as the outside of this seed.

Creating a new environment for new (genetic) environmental foundations for further stages of development, which will give further new (genetic) foundations to the next stages of development, ie grain for a new tree, new tree for new grain, etc.
Levels .. trees for further production modification of grain and physical, biological … life structures
that is, a regentization of nature, the structures of design, exploration, exploitation, developing, …modification … of life literally and figuratively.

We can do it right away.
Begin this type of investment preparing giant development complexes and settlements for people on Mercury, Mars, Moon, any object where the space will come with this seed. And further development of automatic replication of objects, processing of environment, preparation of this environment for further safer existence and development of life … people on these objects, but first of all building gigantic structural complexes, self-replicating to constructing in general structures, models for our life and development in general. This is a total complete restructuring, modification of ecological trend, genetic whole planetoids, comets … stars, etc. new bases of evolutionary levels … as it was with the precision of technological, perceptual relativism of time (navigation), so it will be with technological relativity of…energy, mass, speed, number, length … physical, chemical, biological, generally structural, process, … life … where descriptions, mathematical formulas of the space, environments features, will chase this hyper-evolutionary production, technologies, perceptions … and not the other way around.

Values, assumptions, dogmas of mathematics
physics etc do not have to adhere the same in different systems, levels of perception, technological potential, production and … development strategy, attitude to our physical, chemical, biological, cosmic position as in absolute time (the measure of process speed) that does not adhere to every situation, due to the infinity of the potential and levels of structural nature and … our development.

Similarly, energy values do not have to adhere to the value of mass, which can be calculated on a different level of perception of energy on another leading to the so-called incompatibility with the laws of physics.
Therefore, the so-called surprises, non-compliance of laws. Asymmetric “unnatural” according to the perceptual, technological, potential theoretical, symmetrical, “normal”, natural systems.
In nature there is symmetry, only not (never to) reached to the end. We must help ourselves … in this not symmetrical at first glance with the layouts or for reasons of imposed (old) models of the creation… of evolution, but according to new, further reconstructing the structure of patterns, models … sparks of energy reconstruction and further creation…the new Big Bang.

So we do not really need to go stagecoach ( today’s technology basis) to Moon, Mars now, but properly prepare the automatic basis – the seeds – effective, safe development on earth and space, on this basis, these new grains and new genetically modified trees – complexes to rebuild literally more solid foundations of our life here on earth and further … so that you can really experience …a real stagecoach trip on Mars and beyond in a short time – a few years.

to be continued

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