Artificial hyper(r)evolution. Part 4.b. A hyper relativity strategy for development accelerator. The black hole is not anymore a prediction but also prove of/for further our/nature infinitely potential.

A hyper relativity strategy for development accelerator.
The black hole is one- not anymore- prediction but also not the (finally) only…step, factor but also super prove of/for our/nature infinitely potential…for further predictions and ……explorations and… exploitation!

Prediction supported by…
the actual level of technology or better to say a perception of borders of… features that totally impact normally processes structures like light speed, mass… And that is not true but only parts of reality, because there are higher (infinitely systems of structures) borders, levels of factors influencing our interesting features, and they are not all factors and their features are taken in consideration… That not know to us yet. So you can’t say that black holes have absolutely impact on an environment because of other factors and materials that are not so totally influenced by them…rather could be quite the opposite. So Einstein prediction ( e. g. black holes/gravitational relativity features) showed so-called maximum borders of features of factors and object but one can predict more influencing or just other processes and structures on behalf actually perception technology base for the prediction of relativity on known (apparently) stages, levels.

A strategy (mechanism) of hyper relativity on any features of nature of different levels, stages of …our perceptions and our potential -the infinite genome of infinite features of nature – that shall more efficient influence our common actual perception knowledge of any features.
The black hole is the finally perceived nature feature that was predicted but not perceived. The same situations you can take on another conceptual predicted features in nature that perceptually, technologically are not available for now.
Like new discovered structures processes that influence… asymmetrically whole our symmetrically perceived on the actual level world but also new potential of our technology that can overhaul predicted all actual structures laws of nature.
This is the general perception relativity law that includes also special and general relativity law.

This photograph of the black hole is largely a confirmation
the special and general theory of relativity, but also confirms more general theories of the levels of perception of the potential and operation of the processes of structures that affect each other the same and other more powerful and smaller levels (their perception) of structural process natures … not (never) fully to know the levels of different structures and levels impact forces on … impacts generally on further levels.

Relationships that…asymmetrically deny the symmetrical laws known to us due to our given level – potential-technological perception.

The knowledge of laws and phenomena in the never-ending systems of nature is and always will be partial, almost illusory at certain levels, which does not mean that it is not always necessary … at least on some level, it can always be useful.
Here I can rely on the example of a paradox, where the vehicles are sliding … upwards, due to the complexity of the horizontal curvature of the terrain and the optical effect of the illusion of denying the law of gravity.
The same may be paradoxically uphill with the properties of mass, energy, speed, among others, light at given levels of perception and application of phenomena to us less or less known (never to end!).
So the E=mc2 or classic time is based on the terrain (always)limited knowledge of infinitely potential of nature, but that not means that sometimes the time and E=mc2 can/is anyway useful.

We are talking about intentions.
Where am I going in my divagations? Are they supposed to end only on philosophical introspection of process dependencies, nature structures and our development potential based on these processes and structure, or even substitution?
I am talking about showing relationships, to working out these relationships of nature, it’s potential and our potentials to connect these compounds and above them according to our rules and technologies.
These suggestions are open opinions for further discussions, general applications, and more practical ones … and above all for … saving lives … unconditionally … this factor gives me absolute strength to these more or less revelatory concepts and proposals.

In general, it is a model of development, existence in all fields of science, life, enterprise … as it was in the application of general theories in the construction of the bomb A, energy, etc.

We use this natural mechanism as the constructional (artificial) effect on our environment, our life.
Often, but we are not fully aware of this mechanism, which results in low efficiency or even opposite effects, e.g. climatic.

Because this, we have no chance to match, catch up, overcome the natural processes of the structure, their properties, such as an automatic accelerator, it can be a vaccine as well as other geometrical, or … our artificial construction automatic processes … According to the natural rate of development or geometrical not linear or even higher according to our artificial construction, production rate.

And probably the most important point from this accelerated multi-level view of phenomena, the potential of nature and ours.
The conclusion from this absolute relativity and the possibility of perception, and further development potential, but not involving backward evolution-vegetation – unfortunately in our case, as you can see in unfortunately the negative evolution still overwhelming us.

Potential and mutual perception of nature and mankind. Conclusion.
We must achieve – and we can – artificially levels of a structural size of complemeness, comprehensiveness, flexibility, quantity …
just to achieve structurally today’s unachievable process goals, -due to the current negligence – of the expansion of the potential and further perception and so on the change in the automatic accelerator … equal or co-competitive efficient with nature, in hyper …automatic technology and strategy … production…(unfortunately I/we have no way out, I will give this last word)…totally. Of course, taking in respect and considerations of natural infinitely potentially obstacles and first at all chances.

to be continued with the definition/search of …space and life structures of co-creation=evolution.

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