Artificial hyper(r)evolution. Part 4.c. An artificial and natural potential strategy of life.


Gravity as a law, but also an untrue interpretation of phenomena in changing environments, variable levels of perception, levels of technology and reasoning on these grounds, ie the question of double or multiple curved terrain (paradox of sliding car upwards on slope of multi slopy terrain) or level structures, natural processes and technological levels, potential levels of exploration , exploitation, re-creation, their evolution, … artificial evolution, i.e. our contribution including repeatedly and infinitely addicted to well-known and unknown laws, mechanisms, processes, structures of nature and structures of technology and thus the thoughts, and a trend of transforming … evolutionary natures with or without our participation (whether we like it or not). That is, not confirming in this case, but speaking about additional “fields” factors influencing the behavior of matter independent of gravity or even denying their hegemony in modern physics as well as other “inviolable” laws of today.
The infinity of the nature of phenomena, processes that repeatedly on many levels, an infinite number of levels, can outweigh its complexity, strength, precision, size, among others, known phenomena known to date, such as gravity, etc.
And what follows from this infinite data on infinite levels of processes, our potential catching up with perception, exploitation according to our own structures, as well as outstripping potential directions and technologies on the given directions, mega mass production according to given levels of these natural structures, eg the supersonic plane, rocket, etc.
This paradox of a car rolling uphill.
Confirming the absolute relativist laws of gravity and, at the same time, looking really deeper in reality this phenomenon paradoxically dispels these absolute laws of gravity and … all Einstein relativity theory, pointing to the potential complexity of the infinity of phenomena which currently treated as “correct behavior” is true only on a small level section phenomena, processes, structures of nature, which can be a very small particle, many times infinitely, incompletely and never fully understood, the complexity of processes of nature structures and … our infinite potential for their transformation.
Natural phenomena, but always realty, are more and more
complex and superior in the further stage of perception and prediction.
We can not only predict, observe more and more effectively the further structures of processes overlapping the present but artificially induce them to exceed the potential not only predictive, observational but also constructive … creating … What is the evolution of phenomena, structures, processes, that is, not a passive adaptation but … taking over (any) initiative in many processes, their artificial replacement, surpassing, or truly mass parallel creation … of parallel, other completely artificial … “asymmetrical” systems at first glance.
We touch fundamental principles
the functioning of the nature of the processes of processes in life and space, our a “spark of creating” position in creating together with nature and in nature the evolution of life and the cosmos. This is not a demanding, pending, fatalistic position to God or the system of nature. It is a new religion of nature. It is not atheism that does not see the structure of … civilization … the spirit of nature’s systems, and at the same time, it is a different look at nature of… system, of …systems, of … God, of…Gods.
It is the strategy of life and the development of life.
A business strategy, consumer, civic, economic, physical, cosmic, scientific, religious and above all biological life and dignity of life, our position, our intuition, our instinct of life and development, which must be emphasized, determine the mechanism, definitions, awaken arouse, cherish. Introduce the fundamental factor of existence and development in all areas of life and in the whole space of the structures of dependence processes.
It is about replacing the natural structures that we make using natural materials, restructuring the processes of a given level into a higher one or another … our program, structural and processic genome … like energy, like a mass of artificial light of such or other waves and…other(artificial too) microelements.
The need to redefine the approach to natural and unnatural mechanisms … ours, also in achieving the processing of co-processing in the infinitely complicated relationships of natural structures, which we modify, and we can do it more efficiently, further discovering this complexity, and further modifying it, shaping, reconstructing according to our purposes. We do it … but without faith in our potential … the potential of our God, of our nature, of our LIFE and our full COUNTERPARTIES AND RIGHTS, WHICH WE ARE GIVEN BEFORE GOD NATURE, BUT Above before ALL OURSELVES.
For God’s, our Nature sake get up and go!
I will fight for a worthy position for everyone, especially anybody terminally ill or any terminally dysfunctioning of life.
There will not be a subordinate justification because… “such nature of nature”.
Nature is infinite and has infinite potential and above all our ingenuity and dignity.
Just like in this illusory paradox of terrain curvature and “curvature of denial” phenomena at first glance, impossible or incorrect or contradictory, but in further complexity indicating the infinity of natural potential, but also modifying, constructive our infinite technological potential, automatic, information technology, hyperproduction=real automatisation, and above all, ingenuity will and the sense of its worth of dignity, and not the slavery of subordination, not “because this is nature”.
So…Happy a real resurrection of life!
Happy Easter!
Happy Future!
To be continued…our and nature feature co-potentially generally will influence any factors of life and space infinitely.

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