Artificial hyper(r)evolution. Part 4.d. An artificial and natural potential strategy of life.  Energy from sea waves… from …Brownian motion.

Thus, I continue of open (proposals for further considerations in the sake of really more safety the world and our life existence and development …in dignity)not easy brainstorm classes about the competition, compete with nature, that is, the economy of exploration, exploitation, re-creation of nature and its … features definitely.
It’s about a civilization chance to
further expansion and to implement lively ideas immediately, but without a paper bike = manual/band production park, programs technology, thus without stone age fatalistic mind ( in which we are still deeply involved)and technology.
Without this new approach, as a truly fully cooperative nature cooperator, we will remain in the position of an evolutionary loser, and to a degree that will negatively hyper-accelerated for us – eg climate warming issue- doesn’t matter what cause it! We have to act (climate engineering – huge drone solar panels clouds – self-replicating) immediately…if we want to behold the “classic” climate.
In the sphere of religion or the sphere of science – as a more precise vision of the model, mechanisms of nature, do not rely on an approach dependent on the temporary level of perception and translate on the basis of these temporary constraints …. because that’s the nature, because it’s us our infinite potential is a full-fledged element, a partner of this infinite potential of nature. Do not give in to go through the currents of rivers and obstacles … because such a nature, but ingeniousness to give our civilized contribution in this brutal and cruel game of systems of … nature. Of course, to do it in a humanitarian way, but also not from an eternal losing position because of some religious or pseudo-natural= pseudo-(fatalistic)science explanation.
So we are talking about the shifting limit, the possibility of overcoming barriers, … shifting the definitions of curable and non-healing disease, that is, shifted, lifted state, barriers to life, physical, chemical, biological normal features in (micro)cosmos, infinitely in infinitely geometric pace …!
As in the structural progress of the environment surrounding nature, it is about the shifting limits of the perception/potential of technology solving natural obstacles to infinity.
The shifting boundaries of the possibilities of perception of technology to solve obstacles of natural normative barriers that cannot be brake…but always temporarily on data of higher and higher levels of exploitation… (re)-creation.
The strategy of science = strategy of the past or modern religion, or a kind of prayer to God or fatalistic approach to the system of nature, that is, some submissive adaptation, explain the status quo. The proposed new strategy is to abandon a random fatalistic/random attitude to God, to nature.
 Atheists do not even believe in nature system but being more deeply rooted in their chaos of nature.
And the new model is not about atheism, theism but more to say antitheism, that is, to compete with the system of nature-God … competing with nature system/systems, with God/gods.
There is no pattern of the border of the whole nature, only it’s level, stages of gaining, co-creating
according to current and further … given levels of knowledge, potential.
We are equally obliged to co-create or co-evolve.
This is the end of the blame … blame on god, or on the system of nature in crossing the river, ocean, space or … life because
God or nature will not do it for us.
Scientific or religious slave thinking, incapacitation is a contribution to ineffective functioning in nature and … above it, from the point of … atheistic, evolutionary, religious … creation.
We must be stronger
… Stronger than … Nature to protect her on earth and in us.
A modern industrial and technological park can help break down barriers to existence and development.
Artificial intelligence can indirectly affect the generic transformation of process properties structures in biology, geology, planetary climate engineering, stellar, etc.
AI can also directly participate in the construction of a robotic, automatic, replicative technology and production park as the basis for new foundations of multiplier structures, multiplication in processing and creation.
It’s about upbringing settlement of the new horses … mechanical automatic. multiplicative.
What is needed is appropriate … social, economic and … strategy … these special horse stables … (micro) cosmic.
Chain effect.
Self-replicating and editorial, imposing new genetic or programmed patterns of the transformation blast chain.
Programming as the main thread of this artificial processing, an infestation of nature.
Creating own structures of restructuring, taking over material … changing properties, features. Downloading own constructions and so features to the processes of natural neighbors at the atomic-molecular, cellular, cosmic, global, technological, automatic, remotely controlled level.
Creating new artificial surfaces of reference environments …
The new technological economy focusing only on the organization of the enterprise in the context of consumers and civic goals … on the natural artificial components of processing to improve the genre of this parallel … hyper big bang.
The barrier of symmetrical incompleteness will be broken asymmetrically.
So such a new attitude to nature and after that new potential technology, production, exploration, exploitation… power from… sea waves but this time, not only. It is going on energy…but also structural  “features” exploitation from higher stages of processes of nature like waves of…brown motion…Not just classic atom energy!
to be continued with the sketches.

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