A generic strategy for re-creating all life and space structures. Part 1.a. The strategy of life support and development. On the moon without … a space suit. First sketches.

No more any closed definitions of space and life of existence and development, evolution, natural…yes but on the developing made of homo sapiens conditions and technology.

We are the basic factor of evolution, creation of the future of life and living space.
We define the tools, processes, properties, transformation structures, generating and creating, influencing all phenomena of life and any processes and structures here on earth and in space.
We are, our potential and will is the absolute paradigm of the genome here and now, tomorrow and there.
Here is the strategy of the greatest prediction of history and the future of humanity and the entire universe.

It’s time to start this mega revolution, take over the reins of the universe, the rudders of life, literally and figuratively.

This control is like a prayer, a request with a connection with the system of nature – which is divine – rights, laws, responsibility, cooperation, … competing, and certainly not a submission.

Strengthening this prayer with tools, controllers, responsibility, and not being incapacitated, not demanding, to carry out this prayer – god = the system is in us and around us.
Taking over the structures of life.
An attempt to definitively transcend the controllers of the processes of life structures and other systems of nature
Not bombardment, not flooding chemistry, but a reconstruction of natural structures but … already our structures.
Remote control reconstruction reparations of life, climate, planets, and … stars …
Microevolution … genetic, generic artificial … = our representation of the priorities of the “natural” direction of restructuring the evolution of natural systems in the strategy of a competitive system of games of forces of natural systems.

This restructuring is like a negation of bad irradiation … chemotherapy
It will be able to immunize our bodies in space travel, adaptation to different climates, in the fight against cancer – its reconstruction …

We will be in ourselves remote controlled 3D printers on the material and structures in our own stem cells on genetic controllers, structural and constructional immune, … reconstructive cell processes.

It is about more and more precise scanning, and thus modeling life structures at an accelerated pace and support at the level of technology, automatic programmable, and also remotely controlled.

This will allow you to walk on the moon without … a suit.
But as for the beginning without too uncomfortable suits and finally the question of immortality, self-repair and self-restructuring, tuned life processes and … other.

to be continued

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