A general strategy for creating all the structures of life and space. Part 1.c. Natural strategy and life strategy … = total processing strategy.

We have the absolute right to change in garden of nature, which we will never embrace the infinitely, of which we are anyway an immanent part.
This nature as it will not feel any changes, but we can do it with the maximum in mind to help ourselves and our surroundings to improve and by the way not harm ourselves. We will never harm nature, even when we bombard our planet with trillions of atomic bombs, for an infinity of macro-and micro-cosmic structures of nature this will not have any meaning whatsoever.
So I deny my previous assumptions, that nature can be changed?
Nature can always be changed, modeled, evolved, reconstructed, processed in relation to our position, our surroundings, our environment, whose size depends on our working out perception and working out potential, that should have an effect on the environment.
Of course, the infinity of nature factors will also generally affect our work.

The structures of nature and processes are infinite.
Nature can be changed, but only for us to some extent visible degree, the degree of which nature will not even notice.

The nature of its size is like discovering, undressing Russian wooden babushka. After the discovery of this part of the cosmos we have seen, let it be 10,000 billion cubics light-years, will open another abyss of the second babushka trillion times greater, and so on, and after the discovery of direction in the micro-space version, the trillion times smaller than the previously discovered particle, opens microcosmic second abyss of 1000 trillion times smaller, and so on.

Of course, the complications of these abyss structures of processes can be at least very different … including systems about their evolutionary, creative interests, or systems … other civilizations on the macro and micro scale, of course, overlapping each other.

There are two contradictory conclusions from this assumption.
We will never harm nature as such, of which we are anyway an immanent part with full rights to its further creation, recreation, evolution according to our needs.
And the possibilities, mine and restructuring potential of nature for us is infinite, unlimited.

We can always help ourselves as an equal member of this infinite nature in any and necessary for our play, our life, the processing of this infinite garden, mine or factory of nature unless we are only passive evolutionary stones.

We can prolong the life of billions and more times, we can travel trillions and more times faster than light using the infinite potential of us and the nature for modeling, processing structures that generate, evolve perceptively and productively on selected achieved in this way new areas of actions.
These processes of generic changes also take place without our interference, we can also take part in infinite degrees for us. For all nature as such, it will always be infinitely no degree.

And in order for us to finally emerge from these “gravitational” limits of our development, we need technology, nature modeling park for our needs of structural foundations of generic changes so far our nearest natural environment – 1000 trillion cubics of light years, and microcosmic surroundings pico, femto, etc.
For this, we need parks and … production ideas, modeling with a powerful and equally precise performance.
Powerful programs, powerful memories, powerful quantitative, quality, and volume tools.
A super organization, super courage, super ingenuity in generating new models of production development … attention … for more and more self-replicating, new generational industrial parks modeling for the achievement of size, the quality of natural transformations interesting for us.

This our contribution to evolution, further creation of nature will be proof of diligence, ingenuity and at the same time a guarantor of a more stable development not dependent only on external factors shaping the structures, processes of modeling the generation of natural changes. Such a democratic and competitive contribution to the continued performance of the structural changes of the garden and mine of the plant of nature, and finally our garden of our mine of our production plant, where we are more or less hardworking workers, thinkers, and holidaymakers, on which we could deserve and work out.

Efficiency is also a very important production factor, modeling the mass scale
So really multi-productive in interesting directions.
Controllability, programmability, structural modeling, control processes, speed, quantity.
The values ​​that we want to achieve here are trillions of times more complex, microtic, quantitative, need new scientific, economic and social models of programming, production, coordination, modeling structures on gigantic scales.
Everything is achievable. We have potential. The need for willingness and faith in the organization of work.

to be continued.

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