A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part.2.a.A well-functioning community as a multiplication basis for the model of evolution/creation…manipulation.


A well-functioning community as a multiplication basis for the model of evolution in technologically biological and physical in a truly micro and macrocosmic dimension of creation, re-creation of nature.

Just a humanitarian organization, cooperation (selective economics of …mercy and dignity) has multiplied influence on progress, development, and security in the evolution of our existence against the background of often negative natural/evolutionary or just peoples selfish trends.

Total co-creation of nature in us and outside in potentially technologically natural, powerful foundations of controlling the forces of nature, with impetus and speed practically infinite.

What is needed is a gigantic production complex, a steering, economic, social model, the scope of which will encompass the entire human civilization, and this is due to the need of the gigantic impact of these transformations on the chosen directions of development. Therefore, the need for hyper-organization, coordination to efficiently meet this hope and the threats of this hyperproduction in the protection of the development of improvement of safety, development of worthy development of the garden (Eden) of nature according to our human/divine desires.

Let us not forget about our neglected potentials and talents that we must have…we have a duty to use, to release the good of fighting against evil, to compete, to cooperate with the systems of civilization and nature on a macro and micro scale.
This liberation of the talent good improves economic relations, is a selective contribution to the development of the global cosmic/microcosmic economy.

It is a renewal of religion and science in one.

-First of all because of the gigantic consequences of proposed investments of hyper productions parks assemblies that we will have really enormous immediately impact of our life and our whole universe/environment.-
It is going about renewing contact with nature or renewal of religion, science, economics, a policy of global, local, cosmic … family relations as well.
It is about adopting a new perspective, new values ​​of the new development framework which, as in the EU, should be appropriately adopted in countries(or personally by everyone) willing to take part in an open platform across borders, aimed at liquidating the classic borders along the way.
Probably taking individual rules for people directly in the active participation of the program of this production, technological parks … design development games of this hyper project, with the help of cards, codes for voting, mobile applications, making direct budget decisions- that means investment directions, and further generic development of this model according to individually own law of allotment -by using mobile telephone applications.

For this individual participation as a practical contribution to the new religion, new values ​​that merge above religious political divisions and, at the same time, add to the new global cosmic scale enterprise.
In this way, as if a certain path will be overturned, not only political, religious, but economic, social, mental boundaries in jointly managing the garden, a natural mine in us and beyond.

It gives everyone a world and space passport in co-deciding about the directions of its coordination development
The economic social model is to be the basis of the gigantic undertaking of a gigantic model for control, care and development, creation over our foundations of life.

This is a bit like the organic visions of a social model from the past many years – the head is power, etc.
What will it translate into strictly scientific goals of this hyper project, such as science and production parks to create clusters of machines rooms, mechanisms capable of creating further more and more precise, ever faster and ever efficient machines room assemblies, bases … production, technology … life and its ( hyper) development, the natural park it’s a kind of replication on our hyper level, the value of acquiring outer space, traveling, direct automatic space bases on … Earth, beyond it and … in us.

This hyper project may involve any…church, education systems, health systems, military programs, etc the race, or effective combination with nature – even its counter-attacks on its system. Fighting to the death and life of our individual position as a civilization position in nature, with support for competition, including, of course, corporations as well as smaller companies, municipalities, states, state organizations, charities, and others.

We are not the guests in this garden of nature but in full rights and duties of co-hosts of this nature.
How quickly we managed to build rockets, an atomic bomb because of the extraordinary human civil war, it is equally possible to organize an emergency military situation for one’s own life protection and development and the global/cosmic environment( included climate) but on a bigger scale than the Manhattan project, but with a much more potent hyperglobal initiative.

Subjection to the so-called cycles of nature activity is submission to evolutionary suicide, mindless passivity. This cycle may be the last climate cycle for us.

We, too, have the right to bypass this cycle or to modify it, because, in the end, we are to influence our personal life, our civilization, our planet and beyond and not give up …not allow decomposition themselves for other … systems or civilizations. We can also be useful to take care of this whole garden of nature, and not obligated themselves to sacrifice for nature, as it was during the May civilization and their human sacrifices.
We do not have to do it, just as they did not have to do it.

We are already much more advanced in the reasoning, processing of nature as it was hundreds of years ago. We can be higher in the awareness of our more active potential position, our influence on the mechanisms of nature’s development, because we can change nature and only we are responsible for this nature more and more … for its course. We must listen to this mechanism of nature and consequently, to co-engineer this system of the nature of this … garden/gift and the task of God.


to be continued with the human hyper(r)evolution sketches …of the new human selective economy of evolution/creation.

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