A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part.2.b.A well-functioning production as a multiplication basis for evolution/creation…manipulation.

Einstein and others often did not consider but should take into account levels of perception and/of construction, thus levels of design and reconstruction/re-creation of the levels of the advantage of scale in terms of natural e g physical and biological structures thus values, features and most importantly in defining
a potential of the reconstruction and the possibilities of an infinite impact of those for rebuilding the foundations of the features of parts of nature that are lively interesting to us, in other words, the infinite shift of limits of values, properties, features interesting to us like for example very fast/efficient production and processing for increasing maximum limits of speed , maximum limits of biological features of our live, efficient climate engineering, etc.

So we are not on the filtered section of our activity, life. It is, our potential, completely open to infinite amounts of nature levels and potential technologies that we can use, reconstruct to improve our existence and development at levels that interest us.

The structural, manipulative and production advantage of the scale allows us to match, take over or exceed production, construction, and quality in nature at many levels and development directions of our interest.

Selective economics (also involving physics, biologists literally) speaks about organizing a specific energy construction/reconstruction for our active participation, in the process of getting into natural processes, using the infinite potential of these processes on spoken and hidden, unknown levels, as well as unprofitable today’s potentials, levels of our active (ingenuity) technological and production partnership in this general but also interesting – not just passive – process of evolution or creation.

We are talking about mixed, multi-level processes, structures of evolutionary energy forces, in which we want or not take active participation. It is only about realizing this mechanism and the further effective and more effective non-passive participation in this mechanism on any level and issue of human activity.

We anyway are full responsibly of our nature and our life future.
Our ingenuity potential commands us to protect life, nature and the environment at ever higher and safer levels. If we stop, we take part in it anyway but this time as loser part of the evolution in games of systems of nature.
We are a living model, depicting the nature of micro and macro cosmos. And we can model this nature with each other.

Bringing up this nature with our controlled, programmed models, structures inside and outside of our life and space literally.
To what extent our entire industrial park on the ground and beyond will affect this nature, depends on the actual multiplication activity of these strips of technological, production and energy complexes.

This gift of nature/god is also an infinite number of (assembly structures) -like lego- blocks and our infinite ingenuity.

This giant constructional potential, reconstruction directly, programming, controllable, including artificial intelligence and multi self-replication of production complexes … these donated blocks of nature arouse our concerns.

These groups of parks on the earth and beyond will work like developing brain synapses that will multiply (like coordinate groups of telescopes) the further impact on the restructuring of nature and its properties in the directions – interesting for us- at an increasing rate.
Creating between planetary accelerators parks for discovering…and mass processing and creating really new molecules..really new features…really new future for re-creating atoms, molecules, cells and the parts on mass programmed and remote controlled scale.
Not forgetting a very important part take in it – a new hyper telecommunication/coordination.
These scattered teams of self-replicating parks, hyper-productive models will be the drivers of this further hyper-evolution.

There is no and will not be the inviolability of structures, processes and nature’s property.
A new educators model … religious and scientific, our full responsibility and our impact for full plasticity of processes in us and beyond.

to be continued

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