A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part.2.c. The active theory of everything. Reconstructive energy= selective economics=manipulation of nature.

In this part, I will be continuing to work out the last description part about manipulations of structures and thus they properties on potential(interesting us) levels of our interventions…in creation, generally evolution.
Definition of the advantage of scale by constructional manipulation of nature on different structural levels.
Advantage of scale of new discovered structural levels, of new work out on higher advanced (artificial)constructional levels in determining/achieving physical, biological  values of reconstruction potential and infinite possibilities of reconstructing these new structural foundations, and what follows the values of our interest, that is, the infinitely shifting of importantly property values for us , such as maximum speeds at given structural /constructional levels, gravitational values and other known and unknown, interesting physical, chemical, biological values etc.
That is for further deep material … property restructuring by ..mega production means manipulation of nature on total advantages of scale on potentially work out levels discovered/explored/created/evolved by us!
Isn’t this new theory of everything but on not passive level?

We are precursors of our nature in us and beyond in the future. Because we are a reflection of the got/system of nature. And this reflection and intervention work both ways.
We can change our nature and their features on different levels…
because of infinitely potential multiplicated technology&production of us supported by the infinitely potential of nature system elasticity and our ingenuity for using the potential.
The potential means the potential of reconstructive energy of manipulation, that means …selective economics, that means mega production, that included E=mc2 of…transformation/cooperation with/in nature.

Recently used automatic combines programmed to uproot weeds, and so can be used but at more advanced levels of mega-production…so at each level for us intended to physically change our environment at different levels of intervention and development of our potential of the production park (mega production) …. every operation, surgery at the medical level such as cancer, cell repair, “repair” at the physical level , molecular, chemical, fusion. exploration, ecological, climate engineering, etc.

We have never believed in our infinite potential and our right to participate actively in the infinite game of systems of system structures’ processes so their properties … for new ones this time, but for that, we need momentum in the real total scale because only this way we can find ourselves in gigantic abysses of systems with which we want to establish appropriate coordination of competences, -competition/ in the infinite puzzle/”lego” potential of nature and our system together.

I speak also about manipulation of power trillions of times bigger than the big bang in surprisingly quite short time – including talking about the unlimited potential of biological engineering, molecular engineering, etc.


to be continued

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