A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 3.a. Mechanism of taking over, restructuring of natural and stagnant processes. Manipulating “time”

What am I looking for in my articles?
To automate systems of co-occurrence with natural resources, that is (re)creating these sources, platforms for our further existence and development at higher levels, as it always happens in the process of creation, evolution.
It is about constantly automatic accelerated raising of the level of structures of the level of exploration, exploitation, cooperation with nature.

The incompleteness of the dependence of infinite size, of the structural and processuality leveling, of property, does not allow us to draw final conclusions and predictions.
At the same time, we can also infinitely change these structures and their properties according to our interventions to the levels of a given potential that have been transformed by us.
We can turn speed up and ….back time, that is, undo ( and do) infinitely the course of given processes according to the potential technological level needed for this type of intervention for given natural (including gravitation) and artificial processes.

Incompletence that means an infinity of systems, structures, processes excludes any final determination of nature’s properties, including the laws of physics or even mathematics in application in any natural or non-natural processes. But of course, we can use them but only on very relativistic descriptions, if we still want to move further in active participation in natural and developmental processes.

The issue of time manipulation, ie the course, the direction of process development, structures, is a matter of properly tuned accuracy of return or acceleration of the structure of processes in the most accurate time and fast.

It is possible to predict processes according to the levels of our technological perceptual gains in continuous infinite exploratory progress.
So to predict phenomena that also program new phenomena of the structure of processes and what is next goes new properties, better properties create.

This creation of the future has enormous significance in economic policy or selective economy
Actions taken to restructure … presents and, consequently, future and hence … past too! There will no longer be a saying that we have no influence on the future … Past
Just as the cars are driven back and forth as needed.

Just like huge automatic, self-replicating
new forced technological/organizational investments, which will go further to a new, higher level of structural development, to influence the transformations in ….the past/present at given lower levels … The higher technology the bigger the possibilities of “shifting back”, that is, reconstruction, repair, existing structures, processes … and renew boundaries, higher levels of “absolute” physical and other properties.

Just the right organization, selective economy … it’s about reconstruction manipulation, redirection, energizing mega-production over given natural levels.

We can reach the levels of intervention, the co-creation that is not dreaming of anyone.
Massive alternations for the restructuration of automation production new technology parks as tools for further development of the parks and further alternations etc.
Not only exploring but also generating new waves (hyper telecommunication – about it more next time), new molecules, structures, thus better and better properties manipulations with climate, planets, stars on further distances and higher speeds, more precise in our higher and higher standards of our biological life supported by really new effects of the self-replicating processing parks.

to be continued – with the “time” processes manipulation explanation as well.

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