A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 4.c. Life, the nature of its structure, process – is a gigantic economic machine.

Economics, selective economics is the quintessence of life, existence, and any development. We must realize that these economies properly integrate into this life, and vice versa, the technologies of exploitation, the symbiosis of cooperation with nature, develop accordingly at the economic level because that’s how life works … based on decisions, according to the calculation of benefits, needs, potential.
Economics is one. Introduction of selective economics is a useful and immanent tool, an indicator of the effectiveness of … life … applications of physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, medicine in nature, not detaching itself from its economic character, giving the sense of an active, courageous, more responsible – not fatalistic- participation.
Life, the nature of its structure, process – is a gigantic economic machine, or a team of such machines, in a continuous competitive movement, competitive total game systems. We can do more or less active or passive participation, and it depends only on us what we will have in this participation, which will determine our life force, vital in the exploration of the micro-macro space of/for our life.

Economic Thought
… Ergonomic is the driving force of the life of evolution, creation. As a selective activity in defining goals, strategies, plans, exploitation, reconstruction, further effective perception and so on one another impact in the wheel of the higher and higher levels of symbiosis, interference in spaces, interests of our life.
Selective economics is not a denial, but quintessence, is an absolute expression of the importance of economics (because there is one) as such a thought in nature in recognition, reconstructing, exploiting, perceiving the nature of life, the cosmos, ecology, etc.

It is about realizing this creative, re-creative, evolutionary non-passive potential of this economy as such, but in this case defined as selective economics regarding the structuring of natural processes and, consequently, their properties and possibilities. The growth of the potential of our vital forces in existence and development in this competitive game of infinite systems of our surroundings in us literally and beyond.

Selective economics, as indeed all economics, as a tool but with a special purpose, which is to show the mechanisms of structuring, processing of nature, and precisely its economic life – because that is life.
Life is thought… economic thought … it’s about showing nature in the economic model … Everything can be bought, sold, nothing is impossible. And vice versa. From the emergence of economic crises through the restructuring of nature, on which this economic crisis – including resource management at this level, fails … we are starting to restructure resources at other levels of technological exploration, exploitation, assimilation of this nature and … life … the energy of this nature, thinks as the energy of reconstructing, re-constructing life, that is, thinking as the energetic spark of re-creation, manipulating the processes of the cosmos and in us.

Deflation, stagnation is the answer to the explanations of common mechanisms of economics and nature.
The economic phenomenon, as well as the natural ones, point to obstacles to development caused by ineffectiveness of tools in creating, development at a given level of perception and creation of potential, resources.
An economic mechanism pointing to the so-called stagnant impassable permanence of relations, barriers in nature such as maximum speed, diseases such as cancer, mortality … at a given level of symmetrical structural development.
And here you have to go with unconventional, asymmetrical solutions (which in the infinity of nature will always be symmetrical) in relation to the existing level.
And everything can be bought, sold, achieved. Costs are always … bigger sometimes, but they can always be properly reasonably laid out in the strategy … development of existence, a potential for help … thinks, ideas as a key tool, the key to any life, any game, any development, as a kind of enchanted wand, sparks, generating further directions, speeds, and dimensions of the existence and development of the cosmos and us.

Thinking is life, it is a reconstructive and generic process.
It is about sustaining this process, improving and discovering it, using it at various known, reconstructed levels of nature with the help of this own program, the gene of thought.
These are the energy reactions and restructuring responses that are sometimes more efficient than ordinary energy. Here we are talking about reconstructive, re-evaluable energy, that is, selective economic thinking … selection processes of nature …

Just in Cambridge, Scientists have created organisms that are different from any other life. The organisms are made with artificial DNA, and they live at their best.
So we can take an active partnership in creation-evolution of life and space. We can decide about any! structures processes properties. The efficiency, impetus of the activity, depends on working out deflationary characters of given levels of stagnation phase of development, that generally, a source on intervention lies on higher another workout or discovered level structures of/for development.

to be continued with the business of nature of our life and space.

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