Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 1.c.Multifunctional application manipulation by mobile telephones-drones for dynamic modeling natural structures/processes.

Any change affects reevaluation, reconstruction of any systems in nature – it is about more effective, real automation of eg exploration, the conquest of cosmos.
What is done until today is like sending someone on an inflatable mattress to the other side of the sea and combining it somehow.
Embarrassment in arrogant treatment, processing, training in the development of production potential, and at the same time the risk of people on these mattresses rockets.
It is also a loss of potential as if consuming, overeating the potential for development, losing resources for these consumer circuses of the primitive space manufacture, instead of investing in automation of …automation in space as well, which would be the basis for more effective investment and cosmic and other development. Ok, Ok. Of course, the circus also is sometimes ok. Maybe I offer/prepare even more spectacular circus.

I think of different evolutionary soups of evolutionary restructuring, engineering of nature (energy) structures in this case, largely from autonomous teams of three-dimensional spatial drones, gravitational robots  systems supported on the mobile phone giant system application – in this application with very advanced self-replicating AI systems …but this time not so terrestrial flat structures of two-dimensional models.
Previously, computer models can be very useful for designing, defining frameworks and directions of the development … for the production of various kinds of evolutionary soups= that means restructured resources, i.e. background, a transformed natural environment to increase the level of co-creation of life and space with greater progress and our greater participation in the processes of evolution, creation of this micro/macro space garden, taking more into account the aspirations of our life, our environment.

Multifunctional application manipulation with/by mobile telephones-drones systems for massive, dynamic modeling mapping, but also rebuilding natural structures/processes.

Increasingly smaller drones/robots and not just movement functions, but also evolution as robots, self-replicating, flying, repairing, reducing, creating their own factories improving their functions also within us, tracking, perceiving, analyzing, observing. Such flying drones – more or less autonomous robots, regenerating, merging like Lego bricks into a larger robotic system, which will also form this system of robots miniature system, on an automatic scale, minimizing and that aim at material engineering at the level of particles becoming more and more microscopic, allowing for more remote material engineering at the biological, molecular, cellular, chemical level … That is the possibility of mobile cellular engineering, building a parallel service technician to fight cancer, improve health, protect it, repair it …immediately after a shot, or break, heart attack…or avoid it.

Telephone mobile systems of individual and mass robots drones = guardian angels = … operations, applications … for hammering into our body-laparoscopy, repairing, improving by mass application … not only repair, warn, suggest … but above all, it does … with opportunities literally operating, intervening … eg airbags, but also … radioactive, unnoticeable, generating radiation that is of interest to us or protecting us against undesirable radiation, creating specific neutralizing shields,
The same with process energy structures that affect us, but we can similarly generate new radiation, structures (energy) to defend against negative ones, but also new ones, including radiation that can positively stimulate, affect our existence and our directions development, and this with the help of these multi-purpose giant systems of mobile drone drones, which would reflect if you want to rebuild, improve the structure of the natural environment in us and beyond.

This innovation, ideas, information system, application system that is this oil, the processing of infinite resources of energy systems/structures (because this is the way to treat any transformation – the property of structures), is
like oil, energy, and more specifically sailing in the infinite ocean of energy potential of process structures (sometimes contradictory), and further reaching values ​​at a given level according to this sailing information/ideas, that is, directing energy structures of natural processes in us and beyond … their acceleration, directionality, or the specific quality of this sailing … autonomous and remote controlled tele robot teams of the multifunctional robot-drones.

The level of effectiveness of knowledge of perception, exploitation of resources, potential for development, will never be finished. The need to further develop massive, automated, accelerated, attempts and efforts to improve the restructuring, that is, use, exploitation of sources, systems, processes of nature and the improvement of current human technologies.
The mobile drones applications system will another dimension/vision step forward for real our evolution/creation.

It is like in a monopoly or chess game, where the super autonomous automatic computer system itself will determine in some measure the operation strategy, restructuring the chosen environment, it will win by itself the data of potential natural production of goals in this hyper-natural transformation economy and hypernatural investments (a specific cold structural/atomic fusion of structures from the inside), with the help of new hands, which will be these mutating robot drone systems.


This technological, mega-production pursuit will be continued with the whole impetus also due to the abuses of the so-called free market and the continuing very primitive level of the modern economy. Although I will use the market competition for telephone applications.

These drones of mobile phone satellites, mobile application systems are like the third, fourth, and third … millionth hand, which can also be working on far distances … cosmic … rented in probes on the planets, .. for example, take some sand from Mars.
So visible/invisible hand of the new free market of hyper-services

These personal satellite drones can be hundreds … millions
for one person, to support life functions and other structural, acceleration functions. Functioning as the immune system, informational synapses support to the deepest possible levels, structures of life and matter/energy.

So, your future is in your phone’s range – Space and life potential development by your infinite mobile potential.

Application competition gives a proper quick, forced start of this direction of acceleration of this whole undertaking of restructuring, re-creation of interesting environments in us (our bodies, cells, atoms, etc.) and beyond.
This huge amount of these personal satellite drones in the process of miniaturization will resemble a substitute atom … electron clouds around the atomic nucleus, automatic souls, almost invisible servicing system, supporting our biological and other needs.

Such guard angel satellites will also be introduced at the level of planets, stars, city system, that is also their administrative authorities, production companies and other, scientific stations – not only individual application), as well as cars, every human, … animal and other elements of the matter we are interested in, production plants, cosmic statics, each human organ separately … gene also …

These drones will have the main application and parts bases, with the initiative from/to bases according to demand, experience with these drones/robotics workers.

These mobile drones revolution will have a positive impact in the entire economy and science, including cosmonautics, medicine and the creation of hyper models of precursors of new life and matter/energy.

This competition, this market of application programs, is a kind of marketization of automation of mobile engineering restructuring in us and outside.

to be continued with the draft proposals of/for the future/present.


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