Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 2.b.Artificial acceleration of generating conditions for natural and over natural properties.

Further sketches, notes, suggestions on potentials and mechanisms on the path of more effective co-creation of nature in us and beyond.

To want to change themselves and their environment, only the activity itself, even (dispersed and deprived of faith) intellectual activity may not help in breaking down barriers, achieving goals, winning in this infinite environment of competition of natural systems.
We must have improved tools and organizations to get out of the position of the laboratory, alchemic, and fatalistic manufactory.
And enter the mass multi-level market of natural systems in the form of a market, mass, hyper-mega production, hyper application competition … not to so repeatedly saying that maybe in any generation or never achieve something… in any way whatsoever over leading the nature or at least partnership co-work with nature evolution – but a bird… rocket effectiveness “competition”.

Each action changes the environment its direction, speed, properties, depth, but the degree of this directionality, depth, speed, change property depends on the quality, constructiveness, massiveness of the given action, which is to contribute to the more efficient re-creation of the potential for transparency (energy / constructive) of our intentions, plans for a really strong strengthening of actions in a given direction of us interesting transformations on a scale more than laboratory, unitary, point, or linear but geometric process of …production… environment of geometric progression model of changes/barriers/opportunities in nature.

The proposed/forced new industrial, real bold hyper (AI)automation/self-replicating revolution give our chance to achieve some goals quicker than in billion years or never.

Acceleration of evolutionary processes, which are vital for our side, that is, directing the construction of processes, their energy on completed processes (for now) of remote control, programmed, AI automation.

The deeper structural calculations, structural changes of a given process matter, structures, the higher the probability of a better result of calculations and the result of changes in the same … matter – previously known/calculated – the effectiveness of observation, reconstruction, improvement of natural and non-natural processes.

Any change …, the proposition, the point of view is not accidental and not final, only we do not know the deeper, further infinite factors influenced by the innumerable structures of the energy-processes of infinitive natural systems.

So here I speak about higher, deeper levels of descriptions, perceptions, (re)constructions of any known process structure- “apparently untouchable”-, if we want to speak about any (bypass) changes about the processes.

Similar restructuring processes concern, among others, biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, etc.
Restructuring is done from “above”, i.e. from previously prepared structures with a higher, artificial level of structuring brought about by very massive automatic “crystallization” of the 3d environment using automatic models on new structures and for new materials, more precise to achieve more direct goals (like eg rocket to the bird or like that’s how “new it” could(replace) be to the photon, etc…), more direct very speedy and massively processing and replacement of the systems of biological processes, as it would be with a higher level of service, perception, more mass-structured approach to energy/structure Emc2 … with never final equality, due to the time non-compliance of discovering the reconstruction of infinite processes of mass and energy and their structure in different times, levels of operation and use.

As you will be in harmony with nature … more precisely co-ordinated
you will survive in its norm but not entirely because only at a given level of evolution, including wider levels and structures of the entire infinite environment/competitive environments of nature.

There are two tendencies here that cross … are contradictory
For our part, the reconstruction of nature for our being and our tendency, for a better existence, can be helpful or distractful but not because of rejection it or not, but more because we will do not coordinate properly with the maximum number of levels, tendencies, factors directing the processes in the environment closer and closer to our needs – effect of connected vessels.

This is the realization of the new philosophy of production, that is, achieving its goals from the higher level of restructuring of automation, mass transformations for a more gentle and at the same time effective merging for the environment in which we live at a given level.
So the production can always at an even higher level than our current technological production level of functioning of being but on healthy ecological/economic, logical, safer, better and potentially better conditions.

So this is not the rejection of…eg  E = mc2, but it is a deeper active dynamic multi-level interpretation of the energy and material structures of Emc2, like any other evolutionary natural processes, our production and civilization also.
Not that if you can not see something or that it is not reachable at a given moment, it is unachievable – In general there are no rigid structures (energy) / processes, unimaginable barriers … This is the rejection of specific descriptions of energy processes taken literally, manually, linearly, pointwise in observation or interaction processes.
Rejection of a shallow interpretation of the mass of a given matter, process structures … anything in nature in an energetic or different way.

It’s about the mechanism reaching for the deeper and deeper reconstruction of the processes of natural material structures – cell, gene, molecule, atom, quantum, a photon, etc.
Not treating processes of natural structures as final but material for further processing, causing reconstruction of closer internal and distant environment, avoiding barriers, exacerbating the course, not dispersing the energy direction for a given process, natural material … that is, the car…against horse in a deeper interpretation and relationships by natural, physical, biological processes …

The process of (hyper) industrial revolution is the possibility of mass restructuring of materials, that is also the possibility of more precise control of natural processes, or more above/beside natural processes to achieve own goals according to the local material and process construction purpose.

Massiveness – and greater automation in the tendency – over natural processes give greater potential for the controllability of natural processes at a given level, that would unattainable for not sufficient massive today’s civilizational/productional restructuring processes.
Automation has to be not only capable, self-replicate, but create a new construction automatically for the construction of next automatic constructions according to geometric progress according to (AI)program orders on a big scale, and this is the next generation automation that allows to reach transformation, skip over barriers, natural structures current limitations

Further multi-level automatic repeatedly geometrical progression, very deep artificial structuring, natural restructuring, perception of energy structures/processes of matter/mass allowing for moving boundaries, that generate speed barriers and other physical, chemical, biological properties, etc.
So maybe the given energy is different from the given “improved” mass -and vice versa -(that is a mass/matter is not just the bag of electronic stones)- with the additional structural factors of E=m…c2…efgh. Just as the atom is further divided, so also the quantum structures,…biologically structures and their energy-structural/process properties as well.

So we can reach the transformations we expect, using our own generations of creation, and more precisely automatic, many times evolving generations of structures that are to reach or overcome on a given level of structures, natural processes that would not be achievable today from the level of technology production in the most manual of today.

to be continued with the drafts for life and space…re/creation.

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