Mass participation in processes of space and life. 2.c. Any massive physical, biological processes can be massively manipulated.


Further reconstructions potential sketches/searches of life and space mechanisms development.

E=mc2 … ehfgi (extra discovery and…creation of deeper structural and process factors) … applications
among others in physical, biological, medical endeavors to learn mechanisms, but also to massive construct their own with additional automatic tools, tool parks to support or replace biological, physical activities, etc …more on our conditions.

Mass, energy, physical and biological massive processes can be massively manipulated by means of further deeper (AI) automated parks / technological and production environments, including, among others, massive automatic medical, surgical, material engineering, etc, reaching increasingly deeper plains of physical matter structures , biological, chemical, that is, it will be possible to “reduce” mass, increase energy using additional physical, material, process/energy factors, while using so-called external and internal reconstructive factors of a given physical level … temporal – one processes can overtake asymmetrically processes in the old description, structural patterns – a peculiar paradox of classical approaches to physics … E (classical) may be greater than mc2 because of additional internal/external improvements of this “energy bag of stones” (from the point of view of today’s level of physics) matter/mass.

There is no mass, absolute energy of a given space, matter.
It’s about engineering more and more levels, depths of restructuring of a given area of ​​matter, and at the same time their properties, that is energy/mass properties, and at the same time using additional structures, energy or other properties from another area, the level of interference … construction, manipulation. ..which are unimaginable – with today’s primitive, manufactory, pseudo-automatic level of production/technology.

As it happened in the civilizational evolution, the massive of environmental reconstruction, this further massive automation of transformations must be continued, this production, industrial and technological revolutions at ever higher, deeper structural levels at a geometric rate, if we do not want to stop at 100 years of dogmas of inability of intensive, active (not passive) cellular or quantum engineering.

We have to artificially improve life and our living space – the generic automatic acceleration of generating conditions of natural and natural properties because nature – as already mentioned – we are not the only center that only wants us best. For the sake of wider general very different natural processes in the macro space and microcosm systems, we are unfortunately less than a worm to eat. We have to work on our positions, fight in the game of infinity of system interests in the broad-understood life, in the infinity jungle of space.

The common alchemy is a step towards our restructuring of the evolution of the cosmos in us and beyond, but mass engineering of the automation of environmental restructuring, give more opportunities for tunning this/our cosmos, more according to our intentions, as it has always been in the history of civilization development in the nature that anyway is a huge machine that is naturally “automatic” and not manufactory.

We have reached next a certain technological and natural barrier, a barrier of structural abyss of e.g. energy of the classical mass, physical matter, biological – as it was always considered impossible to navigate, but the production theory of industrial/technological parks of this “de/re/materialization” of the environment is these barriers are to be eliminated in the mass production issue engineering of relations between, among others, energy masses, biological and physical processes control, etc.

The progress of civilization was based on the production – mass – reduction of the consumption of own energy in achieving such or other reconstructive, re/creational purposes in our existence and development, or the life of homo sapiens.
To redesign or move in space and life .. to consume any matter/energy of another (as always historically) reworked for the transition to a higher level of existence and development, and then in the next stage further consumption even more at a higher level of effective quality … energy/matter (already less of this “bag of this E = mc2 mass”) .. to move, reconstruct ourselves into further and higher levels of civilization, our position in space.

Primitive technology entrusting –
– fear of further automation, … because we have to be closer to nature, it’s suicide, it’s a recession of yourself and … nature also, because this nature is a mostly automatic mechanism, massive progressive/regressive… depending on what systems/=civilizations fight for its engineering automatic power position, but not primitive manually manufactory positions in this very brutal game of cosmic systems, nature (eg cancer … mortality).
Nature is very brutal, and our defended primitive technological status quo … is like a tank in a meadow full of deers, etc.
Only an automatic massive technological chase gives us (our civilization) a chance to not be torn apart by nature, to not destroy at the same time more and more deeply structurally specific balance with nature according to multilevel aspects previously marked – additional yet to come.


to be continued… for breeding own building blocks, bricks for modeling new structures/processes of life and space.

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