Mass participation in processes of space and life. 2d. Breeding and upbringing (AI) mechanic horses/environment.

Just total automation is the right answer to the eco/logic-nomics of existence and development, not the primitive hand-made alchemical manufacture of nature, unless these old extensive methods (stubborn interfering with the technology … of stone age) in a straight line leads to stagnation that is, in a very short period for self-pacification of each individual and our civilization and our closest environment…but for surely not the rest of the cosmos, or other systems, which pull us out of this stagnation … but to hell.

A new civilization, a new cosmos, a new life – literally too – means a new science. Science-based on mass scale on AI-automatic mass transformations, perceptions, environmental studies, creation of new own competitive environments for others or even opposite systems of nature, in this gigantic evolutionary game in which we want or not, we take part anyway – and it depends on us if it will be passive or active participation.
Creating structures for a further new generation of utility level.
So not only learning or creating here and now based largely on primitive, hand-wiping technique of manipulation, but learning from these / on higher created environments, parks, tooling structures manipulated … massively imposed automatically by new automatic accelerators of self-replicating base tools industrial parks.
The idea is to grow such parks-robots … such AI mechanical horses … … upbringing them,  subjugation them, and after/according to this subjugate(by the horses) systems that we interested in.
It will not be the ordinary scholastic school-the acceptance of the current status of the level of nature systems.
This is not about further proposals for closed structures of restructuring mechanisms of active evolution, but an open framework for creating … and deciding on the shape of future processes of natural structures… no longer axiomatic.
As in the more modern teaching process, a more creative than copy methods will be used to overcome the tasks of further existence and development – it will have a more effective impact on students and today’s/future employees – for a higher level of structural reconstruction, modeling, creation.
Such healthy children’s reflexes, learning processes, renewing processes, thresholds of ever higher civilizations .. consciously co-creating the life of space according to own more effective direction at a higher level of decision-making, acting.
Fun, learning structures, restructuring nature. By the way, we get to know nature and we can take part in this evolutionary nature from our more active side.
Yes, a school of life .. of a new level … of survival.
The more hardworking out/intensely massive we will set these new blocks/bricks of life and space(matter), the faster we mature to the higher stages of responsible more effective co-creation at a given level.
Then, to enter the next level, we are again in the position of the child of the school of survival and so on with this process of developmental expansion at ever higher/deeper structural levels.

Expanding the industrial park of new materials, to construct ever deeper/newer structures/structures that allow for the coordination or surpassing of nature on selected targeted, emphasized (AI) development programs.

And what will further affect the efficiency of manipulation of newer materials = structures = constructions – feedback effect
in improving materiality, and behind this restructuring and in each other.

And here I am in this process of re/structuring for finding, working out tools, mechanisms, accelerating this process of exchanging construction materials to increasingly deeper structural levels.

We need new materials for “replacing a bird with a rocket,” that sticking into ever deeper structures of matter/energy that allow us to construct new, more precise tools for the production of reconstruction, re-creation, reaction … of/for nature.
Just as one did not have to and to get to know the end of the bird’s flying ability when building a rocket faster than this bird, we do not have to know to the end the structure of quantum, genes to generate their own gene structures, quantum, etc, which would be faster, more efficient than this quantum, photon on the levels of activity of interest to us.
Thanks to the new mass reconstruction/material engineering we will be able to copy, improve modeling based on what we see, scanned … and we will see (perception) more due to getting better material engineering … for microscopes, scanners, 3D copiers, etc.

This massiveness of actions will influence the specific modeling resonance, the greater the possibility of modeling, copying, transforming, transporting information, materials, structures of actions and materials, energy/structures.
The basis of this resonance is, therefore, the industrial and structural park for further manipulation of nature, … just creating your own (artificial) nature for your own needs … dreams.

This materialization, this mass automatic production miniaturization of structures is the key to generate in the structures of nature but also vice versa to mastering microtic and cosmic evolutionary models.

It is necessary to reach the level of no longer chemistry, limited mechanics (past/current level of perception and technology) of mathematical models of physics, but engineering of molecular modeling, quantum modeling, etc.
Interaction of this mass surgery on mass models, quasi-newly material based on self-replicating robot/drone systems of restructurations, etc.

It is also about breeding building blocks or models that mutually support the process of mass (production) restructuring of nature, building a new nature for life and space (all matter).

For these operations of copying, repairing, but also making better foundations for a better (longer) life, you need just a new (modified) building material and tools … a better version of cells, genes (artificially extended), or something replacing them like a rocket has replaced bird.

It is about the maximum taking over of the environment of billions of times by exceeding artificially own functional values ​​at the current level to take over, generate the properties of a gigantic abyss of structures/processes of matter/energy seems unimaginable to master such as the speed of light, life span.

Achieving these deflected structures for better development, coordination, protection, development, creation, co-creation of one’s own environment, own home, life …

This deeper view of the mechanisms at a given level seems to be sufficient E = mc2 but furthermore … ehfgi structural /material/process factors … may apply
also in biological medical experiments to learn about mechanisms, but to construct one’s own with additional tools, tool parks for supporting or replacing biological and physical activities.

We are talking, among other things, about the super artificial / living human model.
One has to build in a very precise way possible … give birth, create.

Building self-replicating systems are also like trying and the chance of the closest replica of a replicating man, which will allow his modifications
-but a replicating man is not always and necessarily according to nature … which will kill us.

This earlier described- more about it in other articles- the concept of a cloud of autonomous multifunctional micro drones (per person) on mobile applications can be a substitute, a precursor, a new skeleton, a model and its parts in development at the disposal of biological and not only human support…
other living matter of the structure of organisms, also those less natural, more artificial … that can co-conquer, create, co-create our evolution and environment according to our expectations, programs … dreams.

So, we can set up, brake (old) laws- our civilization, our structures, processes can affect the genetic and direct management of deeper physics processes, etc but also other systems (…of civilizations really different sizes!) Can affect the deeper, not yet known decks of systems, processes, laws of the nature of life and space(=matter) can generate barrier phenomena for us not to be imagined, incomprehensible at closer further stages of development, but further gradually … subjugated.
We can bridle the space is known so far, we can manage it more (so far we are doing a little bit of it … but with big self-restraint and far to efficient automation park …) but … reverse its processes.


to be continued with…energy / structural lever to emphasize the re-creation of new structure processes in the historical, evolutionary, economic, ecological and developmental backgrounds.



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