Mass participation in processes of any matter and life. 3.a. Lever of any changes.

energy / structural lever to emphasize the re-creation of new processes/structures in the historical, evolutionary, economic, ecological (more efficient processing of natural resources) development of life/matter.

We reach key positions in the mechanism, a directive, the paradigms of co-participation in shaping, accelerating manipulation of increasingly deeper structures and processes of matter and life.

Further notes.

Redirecting dispersed, used in various structures of competitive … external (asymmetrical for “our current laws”- of our current level of perceptions and efficiency) systems to our current energy/process system, the re-creation of transformation, displacement, rebuilding structures of life/matter according to our interesting goals, according to our sparks of innovation (supernatural) ) for/of life.

Our level of knowledge, perception, and technology defines the framework of our freedom/potential of existence and development, i.e. how much we are … enslaved by stronger/other systems of biological/material evolution of the micro/macro cosmos.

We will always be at some level of lower development, a specific level of slavery, submission to use in relation to stronger phenomena that have not been recognized so far, but so far we have been slowly leaving, we are emerging from this jungle of addiction. Slave submission of wear to these higher-level systems, because these foreign systems are currently a stronger initiative on a given level. But we have equal rights to take over the initiative, to win, to co-create processes at their necessary level, and the ever-higher level of specific independence and development.

There is no inviolable case of phenomena, processes in space and life. From our activity, innovation, willingness depends on what level and where we will be located sooner or later.

Asymmetry of phenomena at given levels of perception made by leverage system for overweight by means of additional artificially restructured deeper “external” energy/matter structures in relation to the current system of equilibrium and cooperation at a given level of phenomena and laws of … evolution of life/matter.

For a less developed monkey/citizen of the cosmos … evolution of such a stick, this lever can be completely unnecessary.

The bigger the stick, the greater the leverage … the more efficient the tool, the extended, the production park for … the transformation of nature, environment …for breaking out of this symmetry the fate of the evolution of external systems, internal natures,
the bigger, the larger the industry for further supernatural structures changes,
the more opportunities to operate this lever/stick for the progress of/for our life/matter.

The lever of Aristotle. Give me a point of support and I will move the Earth.

The same applies to any …unnatural structures for overcoming any natural obstacles and barriers eg by any mechanism, tool eg the(AI)industry, this leverage for further restructuring of matter/life with our active evolutionary participation that means the decision about life and matter properties included breading barriers of speed and life processes.
This is what we are to decide how this lever, this point of support, this gear will be useful, will be used, will be properly directed. Where our potential is for our ideas, and the technology/production park developed on this basis, which is this lever and support point, which is infinite, unrecognized, not fully utilized at given levels, natural, material, structural, and life potential.

We must be aware of this mechanism and the chance of our existence and development, this point of support for leveraging such ambitious (seems impossible) goals, just at the level of the earth’s leverage …

Achieving ambitious goals for deeper advantages, energy/structural preferences, deeper interventions in structural processes = energy/process.
Asymmetric development of these processes (further breaking down, working out, atoms / quantums / genes, further restructuring of an increasingly deeper and deeper potential) from the point of working out this support, this our lever…against the gear of natural/symmetric processes.

So, if this (level of)nature cannot do it, its own E-energy production – more than a primitive, very arrogant, ignorant and deceptive- more than for our current (infinite) potential – model of the sack of mass-energy balls=mc2.- more about it next time.

We need such new levers as the air for life – literally – and development.
Mass launched hidden, such an energy/mass bubble, generated from natural resources … not just mass in the further interference of quantum engineering, released for further energy deposits, or mass decks … for the mass (matter) discovered, processed, artificially created/generated, reconstructed.
Infinite energy potential that is manipulative. For this is the energy of sublimation thrifty for gigantic transformations on a quantum cosmic scale .. above the supersonic light, the biological barriers of the evolutionary infinite formations of the formation of the engineering of life .. for saving and improving.

This lever of transformation, shifting, reconstruction, regeneration, a new generation of old and new structures is also a constructive, productive science not only justifying evolution, the current state of nature but transformational changes, new-productive foundations of its development or … even complete replacement.

Improving the scientific and technological changes and vice versa to create such an accelerator accelerating this process … As a result of the enchanted wand – innovation – the effect of an ever-stronger effect of very deep, massive physical and biological structural transformations.
But economics -efficiency, need-action is a paradigm, a precursor to any process of progress of its absolute acceleration.

But economics -efficiency, need-action- is a paradigm, a precursor to any process of progress of its absolute acceleration.

Economical energy, processing, material … selective economics mega production, mega processing.

This economics (means … evolution on our condition and for our condition) energy, technological is to be the motor = reworked more modified lever of changes in creation and evolution.

And here you do not need super intelligence, but above all, will, faith.
But the will, initiative, direction and action of any effective massive in this direction is this thought for the leverage mechanism.
They are colleges, research institutes, business incubators … but we are illiterate in the philosophy of mass automation, which in reality keeps us in the same place.
We must finally pass the organizational virtual potential for real mega production, further leveraging the transformation of changes … “lifting” our Earth, … our life … our cosmos.

Further intense improvement in the process of leveraging processes gives us a chance to reach, more effectively seem to be almost unachievable micro-macro cosmos structures.
The question that the cosmos would not speed over the light … so one has to change this space … better planes … bubbles … rockets for over-mass transfer – eg the mass “frozen”, over the energy … from unfreezing masses ( on given level) according to deeper structural manipulations, generation modifications.

So no fatalistic thoughts about the inability to improve our life progression. There will be no totally acquiescence to the fate of accidence, to inscribe yourself on this evolution, evolutionary ritual suicide … for other systems, no more evolutionary russian roulette.

to be continued with…freezing/thawing, shaping deeper energy/mass structures, ie matter, in biological aspects … by microdrones revolution…too.

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