Mass participation in processes of any matter and life. 3.b.The economic leverage of energy-mass relativism, and of other very deep processes of re/creation.

The leverage of Aristotle is a mechanism for achieving all new goals, crossing over natural barriers in the max and micro version, that is also multi deep giant structures of the processes of matter and life.
Some systems fight the other, using more efficient mechanisms – leverage-transform.

This leverage is manipulation, exploitation of structures that we want to submit to our goals, for example, productive, materialistic, energy evolution, this conscious evolution that is based on deeper constructive, structural, process possibilities of exploitation, production … rockets and much more powerful and better products and more efficient structures in material, energetic and structural exploitation of nature, which always seem to be unlikely and unimaginable at the beginning, because at the present time ignored, unknown, often closed, excluded in “scientific” = dogmatic models.

Energy efficiency of “mass softening”, structural efficiency “mass hardening” mutually overlapping in the mass of the mass from the model E = mc2, where it is impossible to determine the unseen by the end of the generic, potential processes of energy structures hidden, so far unexplored, processed, as it has always been historical/ perspective in our reconstruction struggle from stone, wood, iron, coal, atom, quantum …
All this process is a struggle to develop, use this leverage.
And this is a technological denial of dogmatic, the so-called scientific setting of closed models and barriers, useful in a limited scope according to a given potential of knowledge and technology … production.
Of course, it does not negate the need to create models, specific dogmas of nature … but especially does not negate the use of the lever for further expression that may also break these models.
The technology of manipulating materials, acquiring literally deeper forms of energy allowed, for example, Iceland to re-use its energy and fishing potential, and this applies to higher levels, deeper energy structures of mass, such as deeper than c2(from E=mc2), or life structures deeper than DNA. The same masses as the same “process” can have other deeper factor inclinations affecting the specific energy asymmetry of the same masses (energy mass relativism) -like time asymmetry (time relativism) of the same process. – the relativism of the time of artificial terrestrial navigation as one of the effects of applying leverage.

This two-stroke gear lever, and then more and more complicated, more efficient engine … to keep our material/mass shape, stick, harden, freeze for re/construction energetically more efficient purposes or break up, soften, defrost, process for energy purposes. … from a wooden horse-drawn wagon to a rocket and … far far more.

Economics (selective) – application – as a kind of a model of more or less manipulated relations in the real world, relativism of matter processes E/m/c2
It is based on a deeper exploration of the mechanisms of restructuring, multi-level evolution, also taking into account natural and artificial factors in re/creation of matter (energy) and life … including deep manipulations of economic processes too.

More on these topics in separate very extended economic, ecological, social (political), space and medical projects.

to be continued ….with further open sentences notes of my virgin ideas suggestions – …the drones issue, etc too.
Ps Correctly with the proper size of text and footnotes, they would have occupied too much time and too often for readers – and this is about an open dialogue for further … applications.

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