Mass participation in processes of any matter and life. 3.c. Human multi relativism/levers of correction and development of matter and life.

Relativism in describing phenomena was aimed at the specific capture of so-called permanent processes such as the absolute Newtonian time … or the absolute geocentric position of the planet earth.
Perceptively and prospectively treating these phenomena as unchangeable, they are measured in this perverse very simplified description.
In fact, the internal and external, natural and unnatural structural and process implications of these and other phenomena are infinite.
It will always come depending on an unknown, more or less known (among others, gravity) power, time, number of actions, processes occurring in time and … mass.

And it is not a paradox, as in the same objects and their parts, they are and will be, they can run processes in each of their parts differently, as well as in general separately.
The time course of the object / two the same objects – its intrusive moving structures/processes will be different depending on the natural or unnatural stronger or weaker influence and position.
The same applies to the energetics of the mass of the object/ the same seemingly- objects, where its internal energy deposits may be different due to infinite internal, external source / genetic factors unknown, more or less known influences, also unnatural constructional (ie our) impacts … also as with the classical Newtonian time, we are dealing here with the compulsory use of relativism, but here and there with a more analytical, all-around, open-minded approach.
So not every same object/process must have the same course of time, so the same mass does not always have to be equal to this lean energy potential. So not every given process, a given object, a given mass, a given planet, a given genome, a given cell is a static model, a center around which we relativize orbits, time or maybe … energies.
So you may not simplify the unification of the phenomena of the phenomenon too long, because then we inhibit further development. In this case, time will grow out of geocentrism and other simplifications that, of course, may have some impact for simply educational and experimental goals.

So the Earth is not the center of the cosmos … with the spiral orbits of Mars, Jupiter, etc.
So the more accurate time of the “same” processes differs due to smaller or larger sources, generic and other factors known or unknown, which we can also co-deform.
So the exact dimension of energy in the same masses … processes also vary due to known or unknown internal, external generational factors, re/creational, which also can be co-created, co-built, co-process, co-elicit potentials.
The same applies to the course of all other natural or non-natural processes (ie our structural, production, technological), which in some cases are treated in too shallow, closed models, development barriers.

The ever more efficient organization, mass technology-automation has been historically and prospectively way, opportunity and leverage for the more and more open…models of physics, biology…economic, more efficient exploration, exploitation, more efficient cooperation, and a partnership with nature.

Selected selective economics has the task of deeper, possibly less homogeneous (not simplified relativism) analysis … but also reconstructions of natural and supernatural occurrences – with our participation, in the scientific and production fields, for anti-crisis and developmental, ecological, and vital – literally, and more and more healthy economic/social climate as well.

Like we from wood, stone, we were able to create materials at a given level .. rockets above natural at a given higher and higher level, so now we will be able to, we can with classic light energy(E=mc2 but …E=md2…E=mf2…- by quantum engineering not available… yet. ) and more, etc.
To generate at a distance newer sources of more efficient radiation and new platforms, new levers of change, creation, re-creation of life, all matter to the deeper interior of its structures and processes.

Only in an artificial environment (for outside nature) we can
to survive the evolutionary trends of macro and micro outer space systems, internal natures, insofar as these (our artificial) environment/bubble will be resistant to external, widely evolutionary trends of other so-called natural environments (…even other …different sizes civilizations = hyper bacterial cultures) competing.

Nature, systems are countless sets of these extensive leverage systems, in which we must be constantly better and better.

We are like a bacterial culture, a farm for breeding pigs, a grain, fertilizer at a given level of structure depth, for the evolution of the cosmos. It depends on us whether we will be more efficiently moving (out of this passive farm) to a higher level, more aware of the development and manipulation of the environment because without it we will be only philosophical stones, worms, crying pigs/crocodiles, complaining about their and their loved ones.
So the system of the so-called nature cannot be copied, because then we will not leave it … it must be better than this fence, prison, an evolutionary trap for pigs, …so we have to jump at a speed above… the light.- today like many things a long time ago seems impossible.

So Not just for survival – shortly, but totally, globally, cosmic …
but further crossing (model) natural barriers in our development, above other interests, systems … because only this way we can efficiently maintain and develop a civilization and each one life separately and literally.


to be continued…with notes for/of life&space

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