Creation of hyper homo erectus, that is, flying invisible hands of a guardian angel. 1. Mass laparoscopy by micro drones.

I’m going into a period of holiday laziness, slowing down, but not total stagnation. Each subsequent article is an absolute raising of the bar for the potential for structural development, evolutionary, universal – not only theoretical divagations, manifestations of opposing contradictions, barriers of fate / nature, but even more difficult aspects of implementing concrete mega productive proposals as new foundations for the development of the scientific model of nature and what that’s why further (newer) transformations, directions, no more productions yet, but mega production or evolution/fate more in line with our scenario … selective economics.

I am aware of burdens( and chances) of the situation.
I stand on the way – or maybe in a support lever – against the authorities of this science and humanity and … all the structures of the cosmos of their creators of the creatures … gods
But I have no other answer against science…of the stone age based on mind and production by the stone age technology.

Ahead of learning to study structures through really mass production that will create new structures… discover new ones.

New laparoscopy means remote control/reconstruction of any available structures on a way of automatic geometric pace hyper-industrial revolution of whole environment manipulation of a new upright man with extra freed “multi drones” hands for new (micro/macro)cosmic and life evolution.

Forces automation …forces laparoscopy against old ages manual standard of since and industry(the basis for efficient science)… developing that means not any more direct manual operations production as a chance for gain goals today, that in case of a still old way of the basis of development would be impossible even in far away future.
We still have/use stubborn mind operating of using old most manual technology organization, production for achieving theoretically better future but it is failer… we stay this way in one place, we go around the same place and illusory think it is better or excuses selves for fate of unchangeable life and environment structures of the future.
Such alchemy is not enough like some times the only bombardment would be not enough for achieving military goals or only separately manual (stone age) technology use.. in the war of no (human and technological)scrutiny, no mercy evolutionary war for life and space.
So let start the mega-production means own evolution as a partner, a co-competitor for life and space.
For a first line just as toys game- not anymore just virtual but this already not toys any more if it goes in mega production accelerator for massive changes of any structures/materials on the planet and beyond, inside and outside.
First steps for mobile applications that really directly will influence our life and the whole environment, with help of accelerator of massive full automation industry of drones for very different sizes and types of functions from medicine a way of repair/reconstruction laparoscopy on demand, ecology, just mega production, transport, etc.

To be continued with the direct reconstruction/recreation of life and matter step by step, brick by brick, cell by cell, atom by atom, deeper and deeper, further and further with geometric pace.

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