Creation of hyper homo erectus or flying invisible/visible hands. 2. The mechanism of technological take-over of the initiatives in hyper-evolutionary processes.

Generally, one can share my intentions regarding the proposal of active human participation in the very intensive shaping of biological and physical processes, into two main pillars.
These pillars are propelled mutualy.

–  The first theoretical pillar of selective economics, that means
– a. preparing an organizational and strategic platform for a more efficient takeover of hyper-evolutionary functions – that is, competitive for other systems – environment transformation according to our existential and developmental needs, for more efficient resource management in struggle and cooperation with natural systems of sometimes opposite processes/structures.
– b. build awareness of the mechanisms of the human place of the economy in the processes of changes in the broadly understood natural and already created by man, and thus more efficient participation in these mutual processes, and thus the appropriate organizational technological production attitude to those processes.

There is no classic competition in this selective economy.
The only competition in this development economics is nature, which also indicates the hyper mechanisms of this natural competition of total competition on the actual hyper-structural scale, hyper global, hyper-cosmic version in macro and micro … economics hyper ecological, i.e. only such total (mass automation) not a passive approach, which gives a better chance of stimulating and implementing higher existential and developmental aspirations at a higher level of environmental balance … on a total level, not artificially added or taken away in primitive technological and organizational relations.

Selective economics is the determinant of classical economic processes as well as the determinant of scientific progress.
Selective economics is above these processes, connecting these processes, and at the same time directing them.
It is this economics that determines above all the potentials, predictions, guidance, and updates of phenomena, natural and technological processes, among others E = mc2 – ie today’s E = mc2 is limited, determined by the current technological level, and what scientific knowledge of energy/material and knowledge all other known and yet unknown phenomena on the macro and micro scale.
It is she (this selective economics) who has to artificially lead, provoke, resonate, determine, relativize all directions, mechanisms of phenomena and processes in us and beyond.
Such an advanced economic hyper-evolutionary CERN – more in the following parts – a specific mixture of economics/technology and matter/energy.

The second pillar is hyper production – mega production … fun, toys and the models … for more and more new foundations of life and matter.
Very intensive investments of automatic production of micronutrients, components in self-replicating automatic production centers – such an industrial bone marrow for the production (“blood”) of its own protective cells, supporting the improvement of biological and physical processes interesting for us.
These blood cells, or could we call the artificial micro bee worker, would be tasked with further programmatic extensions of such hives, to the development and propagation of these workers, these trillions of trillions hyper additionally hands to work.
-of course, here we speak of multifunctional drones, intended to evolve micro-sizes, like reconstruction, re-creation, creation new/artificial bricks capable of/by flying create more and more powerful, new hyper-development complexes (including medical, cosmic, nuclear, climate engineering, etc.) at an automatically ever-accelerating pace.

These pillars can lead to competitive restructuring of the nature of the cell, the atom by building the development of self-replicating parks of sub-assemblies, bricks capable of manipulating ever smaller elements of nature, searching for these micronutrients worked out with smaller, plasticine micronutrients, leading to an advantage of greater/hyper-scale microsurgery of the kidneys, hands, cells, atoms, quantum, climate, planet, volcanos, planets, stars, galaxies – energy/matter structures and processes, etc.

Of course, this process somehow ran and goes … but
we need better and more productive hands to work in industrial parks, typically expending massive investments, with the aim of trillion acceleration, strengthening of the process of our interest … evolution of life and the cosmos according to our aspirations for security and biological development, global, cosmic … social, political, economical -changing the technological and moral face already according to a different level of the basis of our life, our cosmos.

to be continued …also practical, pragmatic participation of companies and public institutions …for straightening out XXI century human for XXI version of homo erectus.

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