Creation of hyper homo erectus or flying invisible/visible hands. 3. Mega production= gardening of life and space.

Recently, I mentioned in my vacations notes about the two pillars that always influenced, determined the level of our position, our perception, our thinking, our science, our vision, our technology in nature in the past, present time, future.
The pillar of the technological hand/production and the pillar of selective economics, i.e. the strategy of direct restructuring of nature in us and beyond, defines further stages, or rather further opportunities, our level of existence and development and … the entire evolution of the macro and micro cosmos
These are the pillars that liberate us from evolutionary submission. Pillars / devaluating mechanism – giving more responsibility for our thinking, our position in nature.
Mentally, naturally selective economics, physically producing hyper automation, either evolutionary occurs in the material nature, biological nature in the competition of nature systems … mutual pushing or absorbing

So each of us including scientists, physicists, and others anyway use economic selective and production base/potential as a determinant in a more or less conscious way, partly affecting the usability, achievability, current boundaries (relativistic), “constant” properties of all natural processes.

To sensibly start discussions about co-creating processes in us and outside, we need to start discussions about creation performance, artificial evolution or mega production, to consider the mechanism of these two pillars, but honestly speaking about multi-trillion acceleration, increasing production efficiency of more and more efficient components for further external creative activities and self-developing, self-expanding their output for further external and internal creations using self replicating, self-expanding, self-improving teams of these components of bricks in the stage of further modification of the mass microcomponents of the so-called autonomous micro/nano (the)drones “bone marrow”.

The idea is to artificially drive the massiveness of processes into this mega production, hyperproduction, or artificial evolution, or hyper-evolution, that is, co-operation or anticipation, replacement of natural processes by mass manipulation/restructuring of entire systems at given levels achieved at a given stage of development, further driven by hyperproduction, hyper-evolutionary manipulations.

Industrial revolutions began with reasons of consumption as well as a kind of thinking, constructional surprise based on the already consultative level of production/technology and / on this basis also on the so-called abstract scientific discoveries in the struggle to learn and control nature. As an artificially general … but industrial revolutions began to be made for consumption needs.
A production environment will be created here, not for direct consumption, but for mega production for more and more efficient and massive micro-components for the basis of a further higher level of production, mega-production, for initiating evolutionary processes that replace the substitutes – the so-called usually existing environmental properties – environment, eg cells, lights -… the level of relations E = mc2, etc … a hyper perspective for a new mega market for services and products is created for private enterprises.

Every company, an institution can start this production process … on the seemingly abstract production fun for production – but it is about creating a new environment, a new springboard of civilizational leap as well as ordinary economic – in this abstract model of control, mass control, environment of coordination with the environment, compete with the environment on the issues of transport, communication and telecommunications, telecommunications service connected among others with multifunctional micro / nano-drones (super hands, tools for further expansion).
A company that focuses on competition not with another company ( at least at the start) but with nature as an effective prediction model, perception of the needs of restructuring structures, natural and further production and market bases … production of drones and … rockets in billions of trillions…really new cosmic market but not only…
This magician/mega production, i.e. mega gardening in the ever-higher precision of interference, manipulation of nature already at the level of the straight or parallel building of a new world of the cell body, atom, quantum, etc
Horticulture is no longer a production level of today’s production, i.e. engineering, biology, cellular, atomic, quantum, energy, material surgery, not just chemistry, but above all precise mass restructuring operations, own creation operations, new foundations of existence and development … also this ordinary economic one.

These two pillars of development define, provide for hyper employment
new hands to work, creating these multi hands maximization of this park, labor market … employment of nature to work, employment of new technology hands to work this creation, re / creation – these extra hands of this hyper homo erectus
It’s about super really enormous mega employment of super efficient and numerous hands in order to deep structural changes in the environment.
The earlier and modern mega reconstructive production position was treated as superfluous due to the submissive approach to nature… process competition. There was no such need for this type of hyper mass production, re-creation … from the position of seemingly lost, “unchanging” for our existence.

Millions of people suffer from cancer. Self-replicating, improving (micro)robot systems are able to reach and overcome the mercilessly evolutionary systems of nature. Let us give a chance to disperse this new generation of the mass industrial revolution in the merciless struggle with the mass systems of nature. We only lack the faith and organization to take the initiative in natural processes, eg the self-replicating massive industry (configured with application mobile technologies – such huge amounts of micro-nano-satellite drones for each mobile phone/millions satellites per telephone/ per person with appropriate modified applications for -body too-operations as well as further modification this environmental by drones clouds) for mass manipulation of material processes, including biological ones, for example in the fight against cancer.

to be continued with the hyper nano/micro gardening r(evolution).

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