Creation of hyper homo erectus . 4. Definition/mechanism of (any) life/universe processes…taking over.

A human definition/mechanism of nature.
Not passive – human – definition of the life cycle/evolution of systems and organisms of nature. We are fully responsible, full members of competitive, overlapping systems of nature. Our task is and always(historical) was and will to make this co-existence with nature as technologically and morally efficient as possible and with less unnecessary costs… of our environment and our life.

Further advances in the processes of technologization, automation, massiveness of hyper automation with ever-increasing ease have been and can even more effectively create new structures and opportunities for our civilization and each individual on a very massive scale in micro and macro transformations vital for our existence and development. It reduces energy, process and construction inefficiency many times for more efficient energy and material absorption of external renewable and other structures.

New technologies and philosophy/strategy of approach – technological, strategic mitigation of relations/costs in nature according to our systemic life and development goals in infinity – competing – systems in macro and microcosmos.
We can and we have to tame nature because it is in most cases a merciless conglomerate of competitive systems. But we can be stronger, more powerful only thanks to the soothing strategy of relations between these systems of nature, among others between the closest environment and man. Improved technology, organization and faith in creating a better environment give us a chance for real progress also in treating each other in nature closer and further – the climatic, geological engineering of mass automatic scale, with animals and between people … and between animals too (and lamb it will safely rest at the wolf and the lion will eat hay – biblical announcements but not only)

Patterns, strategies, models of selective economics are just an attempt to capture the nature of resource processes in physical, mathematical systems, but this economics deals with furthermore active descriptions and … we can go further in this economics and science and not stop in place. The propositions presented above are not final, but a proposition for holistic apprehension of existential and developmental phenomena in the economics of creation, the re-creation of the cosmos, mechanisms of the life of the cosmos in the macro and micro versions.

A bit perverse further part of the explanation of the process
the course of adopting the so-called small and ordinary natural and artificial structures by working out, developing smaller bricks mechanisms of production and technology park structures, and only after that application of the park functioning on the smaller components development than those which we are to reconstruct.

The subcomponents of mass hyper-production parks must, they are, have always been smaller in the reconstruction of production than the structures to be processed and manipulated.

So it is the mechanism of any structure/process including life development, creation, and support against/with environments ods.
And we can and we have as human take part in it regardless if we want or not.

The evolutionary and civilizationally developing hu/man, the new homo erectus, had more and more possibilities of precise ( more and more new freed “hands”) manipulation which allowed for more influence on shaping the environment. The greater precision, the greater the potential, the class the level of competition participation in the game(war) of the evolution of creation, re-creation.

(homo erectus)DEFINITION of LIFE and Universe re/creation, hyper-evolution
– first notes, attempts.
These smaller and smaller hands – the tools is to force… more efficient, more precise, massive hyper homo erectus tool forcing by the hands to further evolve our thinking of action, the processing of structures as well as any more active/efficient(less passive) mass process of reconstruction of creations and of re/creation of nature.
These smaller and smaller hands are able and more efficiently and efficiently manipulate structures smaller and smaller … but/by always larger than these hands…so we have always to work out more precise tools, bricks for develope wished structures of nature, of life, of our life, of our universe, of our globe, of our climate, of our and further environment/s.

Creating larger structures we are able to disprove smaller, but with not always the precision that we would like to.

Just like a person with a new hand, you need to practice this hand, coordinate it and further improve, coordinate with yourself and the environment.

In other words the definition – Circle of life is a mechanism of life to take the initiative of other structures using copying, taking over structures, competing on their own structures, defeating them, restructuring them taking responsibility for these processes .. And this is life or not passivity … or this is taking over any wished, permanently working out processes and structures

Life/processes of systems of the universe as a mechanism of absorbing and pushing of deeper structures.

Enhancing life chances .. in this game of life systems competition.
I’m not against nature. Nature is an infinite, absorbing, repulsive systems .. these win, which are more efficient in this turnover and this is the natural mechanism of life, the circle of life, evolution of life, development of life, increasing development opportunities from one’s life position, because life is a reworking, creating, processing of any physically/materially existing systems in and out.

to be continued with the vacation notes for continuation of life/universe development strategy/science by helping of microdrones/hands of soldiers/ builders with less of evolutionary vegetation or sacrifice.


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