Creation of hyper homo erectus.6. The diligence of efficiency, a responsibility to actions can move us respectively forward in life and matter/space.

For this hyper homo Erectus mechanism, we need not only these micro hands, micro bricks in a mutual process, which we have done historically and now. This is about achieving distant micro and macro giant structures, so it takes a gigantic massiveness of this own participation in these gigantic processes to let these natural evolutionary processes of competing systems of nature match or outdo on our expected level, structure according to the most important determinant these changes, which are …first at all are our dreams (and not any other factors!) in the shape of life and matter (space) literally and figuratively.
So it is going about giant massive micro-macro chirurgie technology as historic and futuristic key for automatic repetitively, developing (as well) and programed more(remote control plus AI with working out balance between them) ) controlled structures gain influenced factor, position for achieving wished level processes and structures manipulation, recreation, creation, hyper evolution… Not just alchemy and hand made production.
The system of geometric self-replication, the artificial self-evolution of programming the transformation of reaching increasingly deeper generating areas (new), artificially resonating physical and biological processes that we can( but we want!=our minimalistic/vegetational attitude) shape today only according to (ecological) symptoms or have not any impact because of today’s still very primitive application/strategy of technological, organizational and economic potential caused by our slavery, passive, non-subjective but objective recognition of their position in these processes in us and beyond.

And this is about initiatives for the implementation of the thinking/action = life strategy rather than failure/default = death. Attitude to the processes of natural systems based on dreams, thinking, acting because the only maturity to life and its development provides the basis for establishing the right level and implementing strategies in systematically raising their level of status, their dignity in multi-level systems of life and matter (micro / macro cosmos) … further than the monkey … further than homo Erectus … more than homo economics, in this all-ordinary living process and not passively submitting to other systems, cooperating, competing with the internal and external micro-space macro environment.

The need for bold decisions initiated and through the mass process of self-replicating, self-improvement of…self-improvement, self-replicating to new challenges, tasks, a new changing, discovery environment in us and beyond, whose processes will change our environmental, material, economic, physical, biological, global face, climatic, cosmic from day to day, from hour to hour, minutes to minutes, from second to second, accelerating(rescuing/progressing) civilization processes, evolutionary at a pace that surpasses the entire process of our civilization … in an hour, at a rate … not only of speed of “light,” not ending, embracing, mastering, taking over, creating so far no known more distant and closer micro and macrostructures of the cosmos/matter (in biological/life dimension especially) from second to second.
This will encompass completely different spaces of logic, thinking, existence, the meaning of existence, (jointly) hosting of infinite biological and physical areas on … a snap.

It is necessary to achieve a multi-trillion level- if we want to match or overcome natural processes- of degree of restructuring, transformation, engineering – in the pair of building, creating building/component bricks – and their folding of artificial (micro) hands/multi microdrones … and so interchangeably in the artificially invigorated progress .. geometry automatic self-replicating, and not only copying but embracing new, subtle tasks and needs according aspirations, philosophies of a hyper-active approach to evolutionary processes, generally captivating nature.
Miniaturization in relation to the currently observed structured/materialization (material=/micro bricks engineering), in order to achieve comprehensive visible effects of manipulation/transformation operations seems to be impossible or very remote nowadays as it would be compared rocket technology and the age of stone or bronze.

A comprehensive approach to evolutionary and recreational systems as well as the active participation of generation of development directions, creation, co-creation, competing in the creation of joint own systems in the general process … and manipulated to some extent the evolution of life and space/matter.-eg direct manipulated photosynthesis=micro multifunctional massive microdrone(megaproduction) laparoscopy of… climatic processes etc…climate engineering…planetary engineering…botany/biology/life engineering, etc.

I am not referring to the force of nature replacements, but to the effective, flexible maintenance, development of positive elements of our existence and aspirations.

The essence is the maintenance of positive elements of life with the possibility of restructuring the development of a more efficient environment in the process of active participation in the evolution of the creation of global cosmic, biological, economic.
Catching mechanisms, specific genes, creating own mechanisms of genes for recreation of life and matter/space, as it happens- where we still take to small part-, this is about improving further developing the mechanism of construction in a massive way that the massiveness of phenomena can be matched in the competing process/structures of systems of nature.

From our diligence, the efficiency we develop in the application of mass technologies in the mass processes of nature, from our responsibility to actions, depends on our position in nature in … moving back, staying in the same place or moving forward.

The proposed selective economics is a strategy of active liberation from the instantaneous submission to the “outer” forces of nature, to bursting the relations of the stagnant, destructive natural and artificial relations.

It is possible to divide the attitudinal activation system into three levels
– natural hyper-passive attitude pseudo-ecological – pseudo status quo, that is, passive conducting of the development, economy to nature, which everything dictates itself …
– Reactive active attitude, passively setting the programs of the providers to the systems of nature
– an attitude of an asset or hyperactive manipulated mass-coexistence of natural and artificial processes – outlined in my articles proposed here
This division in developmental/global strategies and attitudes can be applied, of course, also in the adoption of ordinary developmental and economic activities.


to be continued with (slowly will be more and more about it) the microdrones satellite/bricks mega-production step for a new mankind-micro/macrocosmic leap… as well.

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