The neo creation law. Part 1.

The law of neo-creation, i.e., a signpost for developing mechanisms for manipulating control, repairing, correcting, developing all processes and structures of life and matter.

The change in the object’s properties is the relativism of mass, energy, and another so-called permanent physical, chemical, biological, economic relations, etc. breaking completely existing rules at a given level, laws also as, for example, E = mc2, time process. This change in properties is based on the law of neo-creation, i.e., the more precise and mass introduction of constructional, process, and creation-subjective possibilities, the higher the potential for changing the properties of all processes natural and artificial construction subject to this entity’s activities.

The ratio of direction, the pace of purposefulness of neo-creation, and “vanity” inertial energy/any action of (mass of any phenomena) – that is, construction processes not subject to this intentional neo creation … mass determines the chances and potential of influencing the general course of creative processes, the evolution of nature concerning our intentions and actions.

Role of neo creative selective economics and any deals with nature is
not only in the directions of biological, physical creations, their pace of course but also earlier a kind of separation between vain actions and strictly directional actions in the evolution race of neo creation of neo DNA of all activities, i.e., balancing how the Fed balances in establishing interest rates, or the issue of the barrier of export, import, i.e., neo-creation of consumption versus late consumption
It is about the organizational, technological and economic development of this process of co-evolution of life and space
Creating possibly more efficient autonomous systems for building bricks/tools of this micro-ingress into the structure of the properties of life and the whole micro/macro cosmos, programed self-improvement of mechanism/accelerator tool to achieve a wished/well-deserved level of existence and development. More efficient translation of plans into actions.
Awareness of the intention to translate this haughty attitude towards phenomena into a neo-creative, for example, microdrones production accelerator, economic/evolutionary, civilization development strategies.
This is the accelerator as a mechanism of dispersion rate and purposefulness in the hyper evolutionary race for work out.

And this is the deal that quite quality deals above vanity wars of development and against a stubborn holding of primitive vanity consumerism in favor of evolutionary consumerism race on our working out condition.

To be continued with further the consequences of the new law of neo creation.

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