Neo creation law. Part 6. A lever, gear – i.e., non-passive – interpretation of all structures, processes, and properties of micro-macro space systems.


Strategy for neo creation of life and matter properties.

-neo evolutionary,- neo relativistic investments (hyper economics = selective economics)

A breakthrough in astrophysics, biology, economics,
a no longer passive mechanism o perception of biological, astrophysical, economic phenomena, but their engineering on a scale
groundbreaking in theory physics (astrophysics), biology, medicine, chemistry, economics?

The law of the mechanism of contributing to the improvement of bricks/hands = lever, gear in active participation in nature is a strategic step of the breakthrough in neo-creative, anti-void, or anti-diffuse. Not blinded by the blind fatalistic management of the potential of our ingenuity and the known, as well as developed mechanisms/processes/structures common to use this energy of the possibility of processes and structures. That will increase the productive time of creating resonances of the waves of human participation until now determined and, at the same time, spoiled, scattered, inhibited, disintegrated strategies of the direction of neo (co-responsible) creation. Instead of this using the proposed technological power strategy, more effectively influence a more harmonious symbiosis of anyway ( at least apparently)vain and improvised behaviors and effectiveness of activities throughout the whole life and the entire cosmos at a pace already exceeding any previously known physical, economic, social and psychological social tools and processes reception.

We can also take more and more active and not only passive participation in natural “digestive” processes, giving our direction. That means being aware of a certain symbiosis, cooperation because it is impossible to go through these processes quite effectively without the proper balance of our responsibility with nature and our vanity (often deconstructive against a natural background).

More on the human side, influencing the processes of our evolutionary environment, learning about, taking over, persecuting, co-constructing, to an ever greater extent, our contribution to ingenuity in shaping mechanisms, genes of nature, including ourselves as it happens and has happened throughout history.
It is about awareness and hence more and more purposeful conscious management of the processes of mechanization of biological, astrophysical, etc. processes, its industrialization, this artificial, that is our fought(work out) hyper evolution achievement, increasing the tooling, automatizing at multiple hyper levels compared to the previously existing natural level and current human achievements.

The introduction of increasingly remote, programmable tools, quasi-super hands is supposed to accelerate, multiplier, the speed of taking over percentage participation in evolutionary processes, hypo energetic purposeful, co-generic, powerful influence on the properties of processes, structures of nature not seen before or partly – “shift” time in satellite navigation. – here similar processes will occur at a level unheard of before, such as shifting mass and energy values ​​according to the so-called restructuring of construction energy “levers.”

It is a matter of mass self-automation as if the historically autonomous increase in the mass participation of tools for the rise in the share of the human new creative factor in the processes of managing evolution at the biological, global, astrophysical level.
Absolute, hyper Einstein laws, hyper Newtonian laws, hyper Darwinian laws approach to control of nature will be introduced, as well as acquisitions at selected and systematically developed levels. Such a neo-anthropogenic, i.e., non-passive approach to all processes, structures, and properties of micro and macro of the cosmos of life and matter, as an infinite set of levers, gears about which we can and were to contribute more or less consciously.

The world is competing systems that determine the so-called average vital values ​​of the properties of the environment inside and outside. Our task is simply to win the development of your non-passive active contribution to these rubbing up processes, systems in shaping the properties of the so-called natural or immutable constant.

The absolute breakthrough in this process of collaboration, co-molding the environment of so-called living and non-living matter is that the determinant shape of the prospects for the development of process and constructional properties is not some static pattern, a pattern of unconscious mass or energy, or some super genial hypernatural, static barrier approach to building material phenomena, but a tool, leverage, transversal approach of dependencies, systematic approach to such tool levers in an immense leverage co-development structures, micro-macro processing of the cosmos, methodical using these laws of mechanisms of own leverage ingenuity and engineering contributions to co-coordinate of biological systems and physical systems, organisms.

Matter, mass/energy are infinite bands, not just a sack of inert material – potatoes or stones.
We are talking here about an infinite universe in the leverage approach of structures, structures, energy processes, and other guiding infinity systems. That we can perceive as well as not passively process at a given potential, cognitive, constructive, existential, developmental, defensive level, where they will no longer be treatable as some inviolable atoms, atomic astrophysical systems, biological cells, and others.

To be continued with the not passive (hyper relativistic) approach for any natural included E=mc2, and not natural processes, patterns, etc. on all levels- with taking (very intensively technologic/economic)strategy for the procedures.

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