The neo creation law. 7. Economics (determinant) of life and universe properties engineering of evolution.

Fatalistic – passive, ambivalent – approach to our place in space in the processes of broadly understood evolution of living and non-living matter of micro-macro space systems influences decision making, awareness, thinking of existential, social, economic, political, scientific, educational, individual needs and aspiration, closes the path of real, effective development.
Very subjective, punctual treatment of oneself and the environment influences on non-finality, distraction, the aimlessness of thoughts, concepts, and actions, which profoundly affects the purposefulness of activities in the scientific, economic, and mutually affecting this process.
A new religion, a new science, a new concept of ourselves and the cosmos within us and beyond is to turn this “developmental” trend … suicidal in the merciless race of evolutionary changes, the abrasion of biological and physical systems of micro-macro cosmos.

Of course, we are not talking about separate solutions but an ordinary, compatible strategy in this evolutionary race in the awareness of rights and our non-passive position = dignity.

The current civilization, economy, society is dependent or inert in the aspirations of needs and evolutionary/developmental potential, and this is due to the fatalistic view of self in influence, i.e., the lack of impact on properties, values, structures, processes of broadly understood transformations.

There is a need for a new strategy for managing potential… consumption needs to wipe out development or the inert irresponsible market of prosperity and ignorance.

We are talking here about responsibility, i.e., at a given level of awareness, working out the possibilities of further interference in cooperation in determining these mass energetic, biological, genetic biological properties, the material environment inside and outside us. These possibilities are often closed in some absolutely closed systems, patterns – useful at a given stage of aspiration and development – sometimes recognized as a constant of systems or very distant achievable. Still, it is a matter of working out, developing co-creation of this environment, which is primarily an endless system of process levers, material/energy structures.
It is not that a megaton of some valuable cars can be equal to a megaton of other cars or organisms or materials of black mines, and this is due to the infinite openness of the potential of the lever systems, power transmission / structural matter. And efficiency is an absolute dominator that describes the relationship between any processes and structures. We are talking about the effectiveness of observed and developed processes, which, as if passively and not passively relativizes all values ​​are known so far and those that will be just learned – not only measuring processes … processes – i.e., time, but also passive and not passive processes of measuring energy, mass, etc.
Persistently and logically, it is impossible to determine by one measure energy, mass, cellular, genetic relations, etc.
At the so-called primitive cognitive level and utility, these simple formulas may be useful. Still, at higher cognitive technological levels, it is no longer sufficient, or at the scales, we want to achieve today, tomorrow without seeming to get.

It is like a separate aggregator, an automatic construction process to accelerate the tooling process to reach the most profound energy, biological, astrophysical process structures so that you can affect properties such as speed, energy efficiency … cells, the effectiveness of the features of our vital functions, and other existential developmental.

This leverage, gear ratio of energetic, mass, so-called time, construction processes is determined, determined from two sides
– the so-called natural external infinity of structures for the levers of mass and other structures
– and, on our part, our contribution to leverage in co-directing the initiation of directions of biological, astrophysical, different processes.

Any leverage, structural and process changes affect any behavioral changes, properties of all objects they have been in contact with, including mass, energy, so-called time (currently limited to current energy/mass ratios …) of current broadly understood macro-micro genetics biological, astrophysical and any other cosmos processes/structures – influancing them by more or less active contact.
To conclude that the higher the pace of these lever automatic mass reconstructions, the more significant and faster the impact of … avalanche on the variability of any processes of structures and their biological … economic astrophysical properties. Of course, it depends on us, our technological and economic commitment – cooperation/competition with nature – the vector effect may depend, i.e., influencing the directions of these processes.

The breakthrough in astrophysics, the biology of… economics is no longer passive mechanics or the perception of astrophysical, biological … inertial economic phenomena, but their selective engineering on an industrial scale are to be a breakthrough in theoretical physics (astrophysics), biology, medicine, chemistry, economics … ecology … climatology, planetary engineering, cell engineering, quantum engineering, life, and space engineering.
This is the lever, gear – non-passive-interpretation, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic vision of mass engineering of all structures, processes, and properties of micro macrosystems of space and life.

To be continued with the law and… rights for an active (more productive)human part in any processes and structures of life and universe – bricks of evolution investment.

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