Orange light for hyper technology application by the economics of evolution(ecology) of life and space. Part 4.

What can be the answer to this leverage concept of creation, neo-creation of the world in us, and beyond – i.e., the so-called external points of support for changes in the vectoring strength of process directions, development structures, transformations of a given environment, any physical or physical object?
– they are a specific structure/system of vessels connected … in nature and its … channeling/raising/levering based on external structures of processes and structures that can externally affect existing concepts, observational processes, or changes not always consistent with local, temporary observations, models/structures. – Not taking into account the external, channel, connected vessel system, that also and usually impact any changes … unknown, not yet created.

It is not passive but hyperactive constructing, initiating, building, interfering in external and internal lever processes of life, and the universe (included our planet).
Co-construction of structure processes.
And one has to look at it as for mechanisms, mass machines, giant structures, mass mechanisms because nature is a great machine, a tremendous infinite machine of mass application, to which we can present strategies for getting out of the position of a stone or a point in space in the machine towards a massive investment contributing to this machine evolution- and our life( literally) by the way.

So I am talking about economics, hyper macroeconomics directly oriented. Indirect economics relations with this nature, with its very profound changes potential and possibilities, a more conscious thoroughness of our ordinary economic and consumer activity with existential but not vegetative attitudes and ambivalent/vanity games, enterprises – realizing the basics, platforms for all other economic and consumptive behaviors as human beings, but no longer homo sapiens but jointly responsible hyper homo sapiens in the use of tools/=levers of evolutionary/total change.

Tools are levers that have been and will be used and developed in our development. The issue is the proper determination of the purposefulness of action … evolutionary economics = selective economics.
Not just vanity investments of empty scholars/childishness policy ( of course need one for in some stages for exercise, raising more mature attitude and self-esteem), but more with a kind of very harsh competition, initiative, defense or attack in working out how it was, is and will be in the grounding of our position, values, properties, performance, parameters of our existence and development,.. total, working out mass mechanisms investments worked out in coordination with an immense system of nature not standing in the one place.

The strategy of mass application of tools/levers to build new components, bricks … for further scientific work that is part of the production, its evaluation – as their use and mutually increasing this evolutionary, neo-creative development park (in each enterprise) for further groundbreaking ones, innovative, productive and other ordinary strategic investments in … the process of taking control and responsibility for the garden of Eden, which we were given to care and development, as responsible gardeners and not points in the astrophysical (“alchemical” / dogmatic) or biological world.

Science is discovering of abutments, levers, and supports. It always needs parallel new hands, next to more (automatic) hands for an increasingly effective thought/application process and the transformation into fixing ourselves – to fight for our better active, lively positions, properties of life, and environment …
Science alone is just a philosophy of justifying a (point) position. The need for more dynamic learning, searching, researching, modeling, neo creating supported by the hyperproduction of these maneuvering, manipulating, literal, and figurative participation in the infinite world of levers.
It is more a matter of strategy, mentality, evolutionary economic mentality … cooperation, because we already have (self-developing programming/producing domino effect)technologies, and for this reason, we are already hyper homo technology Erectus … we are potentially above homo sapiens, but this hyper homo sapiences progressive link is missing to move the head(brain), to move from this stage of orange light to the stage of green light of the turn of the history of mankind and … the cosmos … with a higher speed than we know from the position of limited mentally, organizationally looking, but not the leverage potential of natural and non-natural levers of space/matter and life.

Just start using the self-programming automatic mechanism of released hands, levers, potentials, to set bricks, Lego pyramids on a scale, not homo sapiens, but hyper homo sapiens of the universe of life and stars.
On a micro macrocosmic scale above the pure Stone, Iron, plastic Age, on it’s our mass mechanisms of neo-creation structures of the world and life.

Exploring better mechanisms of nature and its levers and further their better use with this hand tool of hyper homo Erectus and its dynamic economics of non-passive evolution towards hyper homo sapiens/ a real space homo sapiences of life.

I don’t write here simple definitions rhymes, closed models, but intensively looking for a solution, open perspectives for maneuver in systems … always open to/in our infinite nature.

to be continued

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