Orange light for neo evolution. Part 5. Neo futurism/neo infrastructure – Neo life/neo space.

Neo-creative futurism, i.e., not passive, active, directly predictive, prompting our potential to influence the evolution of all processes and structures.
Not existing or previous creation or evolution, but neo creation. Neo evolutionary looks and acts on all structures and properties in life and matter.

Neo-creative futurism is programming, planning.
Just like nature has its programs and systems inside and outside
Yes, we can also have and develop more systematically and consciously our strategy and systematics, and thus influence properties, define, propose nature, our own initiatives and accelerators of the mass evolution of processes and structures on request and based on an extensive potential strategy, including non-passive, non-submissive directing and at the same time fully co-responsible participation in all processes of nature structures, including control of climate, volcanoes, planets, stars, quantum and so on.
Production neo-creative= neo productive, consumer neo-creative = neo consumption, not vain, not fatalistic, more neo-evolutionary strategic approach to the entire systematics of laws, structures, and processes of nature within and outside us.

Not solving some any way infinitive patterns, models, keys of the nature of systems, but instead breaking these codes, breaking these keys, smashing, rebuilding existing walls, doors, and barriers … static scientific models, activating structures within the openness of applications … breaking core of evolutionary nature … building your own evolutionary background/strategy.

The law of neo-creation redefines all definitions of our entire existence, our full activity, our whole nature – it redefines science, the role of science, no longer as a scholastic, static, subjective description of an evolutionary or existing creative system.
Neo creation, neo evolution, neo science, neo economics, neo ecology, neo politics, neo physics, neo biology, neo medicine, neo engineering, neo agriculture, neo production, neo religion.
Neo always means the freshest, most compatible with real potential and non-fatalistic (not incapacitated) needs for today and tomorrow programming life and all space.

The neo-creative, re-evaluating law of neo-creation redefines human activity and position.
As jointly responsible for all processes inside and outside us.
It redefines the model of nature as mere production, a part of the production that we are to tune, among others, through the use of selective, re-constructive, and neo-creative economics.
It is merely not acceptance, but active systematization, neo-neutralization, not passive justification, not contemporary demonization, enslaving one’s position all over nature.
Not giving up, but active and systematic participation.

This does not just attempt for waking up awareness, but already initiating enterprises, new works, new foundations, new components, new accelerators of neo productive, neo-evolutionary changes in material structures/processes, neo-creative will lead to awareness …. of these / reluctant / enslaved minds, to opening eyes, perspectives, neo-creative markets, neo-consumption, neo-market, new explosion, new development start position.

That is, the basics of neo-evolutionary and neo-constructional (neo creative/selective) economics provide the basis for the direction of conscious and effective participation in the metabolic process of life…of micro-macro cosmos more by…our economy.

All in all, it is the right to dignity, i.e., the right to co-decide on the existential, so far incapacitated evolutionarily, anty creatively static view, social, political, economic, and scientific systems.
This new non-submissive attitude is a basis for understanding the mechanism of co-decision in all processes of nature. It is a crucial element of this neo-evolutionary selective economics … neo-scientific.
The activating infrastructure of this mechanism – neo-evolutionary / selective economics is the creation of an appropriate policy, public support strategy … accelerators, generators, components of telecommunications infrastructure, communication … leverage … as well as adequate support for private/public enterprises.

Renovation, new space/platforms for technological, astrophysical, biological expansion
The neo creation article parts are like pressing in space ship cockpit the next orange lights following buttons for check-in levels for the final countdown for finally the green light for turning on the start of the neo creation of life/space ship machine.

The problem is that in a general approach, it often doesn’t feel, doesn’t feel the use of this technology infrastructure and the need for an implementation system, which is why it may feel too abstract.
It is about technology as an economic neo creation of its application in a feedback effect.

Also here it is about anchoring in this system strategies including physics, astronomy, astronautics, ecology, biology, medicine in this evolutionary economy …

Therefore, for now, we have never been, we are / will be beyond the reach of the possibility of effective manipulation of processes that were considered a hundred years ago unattainable. Just like the “processing” time structures, their transformation matters and mechanisms, which, however, we can maneuver like … current a neo-creatively primitive mass/energy model.

To be continued to new mega-production = neo evolutionary= hyper evolutionary- neo creative perspectives of life and matter.

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