Greenlight for intensive selective economics – intensification of protection and development – towards all-natural and artificial processes. Introduction to selective economics – the economics of neo creation/neo evolution. Part 1.a.

– selective economics of positioning, participation in natural processes,
– selective economics in the application of science in an active modification of natural processes,
– selective economics of including science in the process of economic development in the background of general economic activities – suggestions of application for private and public enterprises.
The general most important issue/question of our mind and life and… the universe is…
Can we change the properties of any natural structures and processes?
The law of neo creation/ neo evolution (written about one month ago) allows us for a not passive position in our nature…like til now seemed not changeable time processes or also seemed not changeable biological, physical balance/patterns of achieved levels…E=mc2- exceeding the speed of light…of knowledge, perception, manipulation, self-replicating autonomous robotic systems, AI mega-production. Can or better- how can we speed up the process significantly?
Redefinition of the role of science, i.e., learning about the application of the world – no longer discovering and confirming, approving, determining the status quo of formulas, rules, models of our micro and the macrocosmic environment from outside and inside … but it is this – this environment – has to learn, to infrastructure itself from us.
As science has to not learning barriers of creation or evolution and respectively more or less active/passive adaptation and “development” but has to influence by neo creative, neo-evolutionary economics policy more intensively co-create/re-create/neo create the infrastructure of life, earth, air, water, and any other matter of our planet and the entire cosmos. -And for this, we need tools (entire technological and economical hard-working compatible/coordinative like intensive war complex/machine – the – at least organisationally- complex(es) we have already ) not just school(scholastic) toys anymore!

Neo-creative reevaluation.
The law of neo-creation – as a new renewed law of Newton- the essence of mutual influence of matter, bodies, objects of all nature – redefines the activity and active position of man under this law against further artificial (but nonetheless only local and temporary … provisional = primitive) barriers/patterns of no(more) power.

Human and its infrastructural development as an active object – not only a passive object – but always more or less influential, jointly responsible for all processes of nature in us and outside.
It redefines the model of nature as part of the (mega)production we take part in the natural processes/structures permanently tuning, but so that we can do it more conscious=more effective, among others, through the science and economics of selective re-constructive, neo-creational activities.

We’re talking about neo creative futurism
A description of perspectives, the concept of active and active direct taking part/influence on the evolutionary processes of all systems and structures.

It is about breaking fixed static nature codes – scientific models, activating/reviving existing/established structures/assumptions, and openness of applications.
Breaking the key evolutionary nature of systems, just as natural systems have their own program, we can also have our strategy/program and their systematics, and thus influence, give our position, the strength of reconstruction/neo creation vectorially for determining, tuning the properties of all systems/structures of nature .. determinating, to promote (mega means evolutionary intervention) more productive consumption, not vain, not fatalistic, but a mostly evolutionary strategic approach to all systematics, laws of structures of natural processes in us and beyond.

The main guessing of my agonizing and intentions is – a rhetorical question –
is there any general tangible system for systematically developing the mechanism of taking over the initiative, components in the processing of all parameters, as well as the construction of physical, biological, and other micro-macro cosmos processes.
The answer is already according to the law of neo-creation and neo-evolution previously mentioned.
The issue is not whether because it already somehow works, but how can this mechanism be improved, accelerated.
The use of micro and macroeconomic tools in the preparation of a particular parallel channel for expanding this enterprise of strengthening, and at the same time making this skeleton more productive, which will be a tool determinating, of course, a directional determinating, which will influence our more or less conscious decisions rather than static, fatalistic, submissive- suicidal in practice, a scholastic approach to all phenomena, which shall further change, will strengthen the course of the selective economics opposite to the contemporary slave economics- in a pattern closed cage of development potential, which until now was oriented towards closed naturally(including blind inefficient ecologically/eco systematically) ambivalent consumerism, i.e., also inefficient processes natural, and thus generally less efficient, without actually more secure perspectives and development opportunities based on a fatalistic, scholastic existential closed(minded)pattern, or rather economically and civilizational vegetative.

to be continued

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