Selective economics. 2.b. Definition/function of selective economics of/for new-generation platforms of life and matter re/creation, neo creation.

The role of selective economics is to improve the economic and production apparatus for generating components for increasing by the quality and quantity levels of evolution, re/creation, neo-creation in/for the public and private sectors.
Generating breeding, incubation of “horse / people” (robots) … mechanical, automatic, autonomous teams capable of self-development and service to raise the level of equipment, to automate the process of taking control over ever-wider process decks and structures, raising our position in the evolutionary race, neo-creative, whose stake is our life, its existence and development throughout the environment from within and from outside the micro-macro of the cosmos, the whole planet. I repeat the whole planet and the cosmos, literally and figuratively.

Selective economics is breaking the existential growth barriers, building the organization of the apparatus not for continuing scientific and production ventures, but breaking the forcing of scientific and evolutionary constants and impassable obstacles, i.e., not the continuation of patterns but an attempt to “bribe” them to remake hyper economic, hyper re/production deal.

It is not stubborn putting coal into the furnace and its best possible calculations / “refueling” of emc2, but attempts at economically reconstructive, production-disregarding … economic barriers of a given level of growth, evolution beyond the current and potential level of cognition and activity. It is a generic artificial reconstruction of the fuel and the environment and its generic material, structural furnace components of the environment, and … its entire environment.
As in formula racing, this is not the production of known cars, but an attempt to tune, generate better investment in better levels of operation generation … a substitute for a new generation of car services but on a massive scale.

Of course, we are talking about designated – often fluid-boundaries between the evolutionary race of hyper-production and ordinary production and science according to the so-called regular vanity development market concerning the construction of the market hyper evolutionary, new creative complex.

Further mass technological / production … permanent generic transformation of technology and production of components on ever deeper decks and new keys … just like permanently viruses actively adapt to changing conditions or change them.
Selective economics is an automated manipulation that prepares the field for hyper accelerators of new generations of process components/structures able to take over the functions of those that we are currently unable to control or control due to their size, miniature, mass, speed …
This selective economics just serves to operate this complex, this corporation – you could say – “metallurgical / plasma”, operational, production, which neither modern economics nor science does not cover, and if it is really responsible, needs this additional platform support. It is about artificially accelerating the process of transformation of new matter spaces and organization of mechanization / very mass automation of further development of existential platforms.

Artificial driving/generating the background, industrial park for the existence and development of our surroundings and ourselves.
Operational, industrial, economic planetary, astrophysical, biological/astrobiological engineering for the next-generation component values- physical, biological of new generations of dimensions.

That’s why this whole strategy of selective economics passing through its activities through science, economics … religion … faith and meaning in life.
It is about a new generating background, raising ever more modern, deeper foundations for regeneration, creation, and neo-creation of today’s physical, biological, chemical values ​​considered beyond our current and potential level of science, imagination, production, and economy at the present moment.
The goal is not actual juggling with scientific and production potential, but building organizing artificial giant propelling platforms, incubators, accelerators for the production of meadow background breeding, farms of these new horsepower generating new generation levels according to the so-called “Belgian” method of canal bypassing obstacles according to the reconstruction system of connected vessels to surpass the surroundings, to subject an evolution of matter and life here and beyond.

To be continued to build compounds of life and other things.- developing support the process as on our history of development, nature development but this time with our geometric pace and our ingenuity/economic engineering.

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