The mechanism of functioning of selective economics as a hyper evolutionary arrangement of economic relations as well as trends in nature at ever-deeper levels. Part 3.a.

The goal of selective economics is to increase perseverance/efficiency, resistance to material, structural, process expansion in co-creation, creation of new structures – neutral or hyper evolutionary enterprises in the surrounding environment in increasingly deeper and further, smaller and larger natural structures, processes, and generated, produced through human civilization as well.

Increasing the efficiency of processes, structures – not only generic, but simply energetically reconstructive, neo-constructional-astrophysical astrobiological building blocks – i.e. fundamental in all known areas of physical, biological structures of life and matter (mass/energy, as well as deeper / further areas of exploitation and reconstruction of processes) ), is like constantly improving a vaccine against permanently mutating viruses … systems, also aiming to overtake them in their expansion, their (neo) creation and development.

So not only of course defense but also activating, generating our own restructuring initiatives, regenerating our own development environment, processes, and structures at increasingly developed programming, control and automation levels in equally automated natural evolutionary trends of living matter and “dead” matter …
the same concerns the development … of the evolutionary – economic selective – control of processes of contemporary trends in the free market economy, according to the given level of organization and awareness, and the level of application of hyper evolutionary production technology, i.e. raising the level of the post-industrial park, and so further raising the level of human life and thinking from vegetative and vanity state…of free market.
We are speaking here about two sorts of vanity – vanity of the vegetative state of living just by evolutionary trends…by evolutionary(ecologically)blind free market, and vanity supported by selective economy, means creational vanity, freedom vanity for further inspirations for directing trends of-for artificially (hyper)evolution by selective economics.

By the way, never forget that ecologic negligence was/is nothing to do with the thoughtful strategy of the hyper evolutionary competition by the selective economy.

Selective economy makes the skeleton genome more specific to the environment and the free market, for better reconstruction of it from the entire economy with natural and non-natural resources – which, however, despite all these evolutionary hyper mixed with vanity, and at random hit depending on the fate of internal/external trends – mechanisms that, however, can be modified to improve, that is, safer, more efficient existence and development on our part.
Selective economics is for extracting from the vegetative state.
The strategy of autonomous (bred) automatic raising the level of manipulation and hyperproduction structures in the evolutionary environment of matter and life.

Selective economics is generally, its mechanism of action can be compared with a space explosion auto(matic) race or a viral epidemic auto(matic) race that we shall take a more and more active part but only automatically to have any chances to survive and further existence and sustainable but not submissive development.
It is a chase (and not digging in with temporary achievements) with further depths, levels of process manipulation, nature structures such as e = mc2, such as the supersonic construction effects of a man and his production park – selective hyper evolutionary animate and inanimate matter (e.g. use antibiotics) – constructing into structures increasingly deeper and faster like viruses … race against viruses and other micro and macro systems of the cosmos here on earth and beyond…- not only viruses but also of deeper and deeper (manipulations) physically and biologically generally trends of life and micro-macro cosmos.

Economical breaking of old structures, creation of structurally new ones, further automatic internal specifications, and reproductions of … physical, biological processes … their economics (application of selective economics directly in natural, evolutionary processes), this economics of specification and specialization in further processes of embracing, capturing structures space, mass – its further specification … energy. light, earth, existential barriers, or rather the potential of life, the world, the sky/heaven, the cosmos and … god.

Selective economics includes ordinary economics, which today is not aware – or unwilling to be aware of the evolutionary role, although this vanity, purposeful or pointless of anty selective economics also has a color function and is important in the process … of the evolution race treadmill, giving direction to our desires and here the vanity is not always obsessed with directly accounting for the pure accounting of the cosmic trend of structure processing…most important the vanity shall be independent from vegetative status by evolutionary submissions to free market that is ambivalent generally to evolutionary (ecologically as well) tendencies…because of still very primitive technology and production, that not allow to stand up from knee, to really free hands/=automation to be more freely for moving between levels , layers of nature and its evolutionary tendencies.

to be continued


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