The mechanism of the selective economy as active logistic procedure/human participation in vectoring domino mechanism of the hyper evolution/=engineering of all-natural processes, structures. 3.d.

We further analyze systems, methods, mechanisms of breaking, neo-creation processing, neo-evolution of perceptional closed, existing models of nature. Closed at a given / current or outdated level of perception and then thinking and action.
It is about developing a more than model (better would be to say logistic of modeling an infinity of nature and its components/structures../models deeper processing and restructuring) – more than seen “natural” systems, no longer based on our temporary primitive tool perception and the current level of exploitation by a contemporary industrial park and by their level of/by … mental, but further depth, development, manipulation (… if we want to live … civilizational and individual) structures of nature logistic and engineering and … economically for the further life system, solely for the continuation of life and not succumbing to road roller of nature=other evolutionary systems of micro and macrocosmic matter, as if this(new -neo/re created life and matter) extra worked out by extra exploited, produced, processed, constructed – neo constructed, neo creative.

It is out or upper( or better to say deeper and further modeling, splitting and reconstructing current or out of age models of “atoms”, “genes”) model reconstruction, energetic exploitation of… mass, matter, life components, above model, above mass, above light approach by current spectrum of perception (and so closed mind), and influencing current and future processes/structures.

Shortly – Active – (technologically by domino effect) intervention economization of all-natural processes- responsibly because we are anyway responsible for our life and the entire environment, so long we can, and we really can- we have the ingenuity genome/spark, and gardens of Eden/cosmos duty/right from/of nature/God.

Religion, science, this proper science, and religion was and is an attempt at mental and practical harnessing of nature/god.
Just testing, work in over-model, hyper-perceptional approach, solving barriers, problems, potentials – the only question is whether it has to be more or less passively based in actions to master, develop deeper models of nature, evolutionary, creative … hyper evolutionary, neo creative.

Religion, which was associated with the development of science and initiated this science, just as science itself should always be in progress concerning the mercilessness and ossification of processes, stagnant, so-called natural models (we are also economically and … religiously full-fledged elements/members of this nature and our concurrent human – not just point- ambitions towards other internal or external systems of this nature) for the above-model trend, not stagnation and giving up.

And this is real science and religion … in action.
Faith and/with action without any excuse to build new dams, farms for protection, and … breeding life and matter beyond static “science and faith” models and prejudge.
… Needed for the organizational expansion above this invisible to current models and frames – a factor of specific black matter and black energy.

Religion, science, and faith are intended to be above outdated division models, constant visions because whole nature and God are unknown and require systems and values ​​of nature that require further responsible knowledge and exploration and thus responsible gardening (manipulation/hyper evolution/ neo creation/selective economics) of the nature.

This divinity, this dream, these intentions, this science is this dark potential energy and mass literally and figuratively for changes, it is potential and faith as well as strategy and action.
Piercing the barrier of dreams, of constants barrier or of… passing
it is the role of science and faith for further engineering strategies to build above that scaffoldings, foundations of the park/industry park/garden to fulfill these dreams and beliefs, and not to stop working on them to fulfill promises and not to explain ourselves as eaten worms…because of … the fate of nature.

The goal of this strategy of mastering the rudder with ever deeper processes and structures of natural systems is the most projective (taking over and transcending nature transformation systems) approach to the automation system, i.e., translating strategy the hyper evolutionary/natural programs into the construction, neo-construction of natural and artificial systems.
Selective economics is to take a vital role in this process of deeper and deeper economic specification of processes, structures, including the so-called creative vanity economics initiating a stimulating further feedback effect.

And it is an absolute condition and goal, a tool in determining the rest of any ventures determining the further strategy and actions in science, production, evolution, hyper evolution.
Without it, we cannot speak, we cannot dream of efficient opportunities to transform, manipulate, tune the properties of structure processes, and this is our potential competence and … not to blame our capabilities on nature or God- these competences move further following rights and obligations, to further boundaries of knowledge by this time by abilities of God and nature of “permanent”, model boundaries, but always temporary, not a constant.

To be continued with selective economics as a genetic tool for manipulating processes of natural structures in/by the progressive domino system.

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