Mechanism of selective economy. Part 3.i. Massive intensification of production/exploitation efficiency as a race ratio of hyper evolution/neo creation.

Economic, automatic intensification of efficiency of massive exploitation, production, the business character of development as a decisive hyper evolutionary (also hyper economically race) race ratio of participation/mechanism in creation, neo creation – directing the efficiency of matter/energy, biological life of any structures and processes. This is the missing/neglected link/key/starter for/in the mechanism of creation, re-creation, neo creation matter, and life – production of fifth-generation…means allow to give up 99,9% autonomous/economicus decision in favor of automation by self-reliance in development. And it is better than being dependent on 100% decisions of uncontrolled (slightly touched by science), independent (from our existential and human aspirations) natural systems of life and matter background.

Overlapping maneuvering/manipulation processes
… automatic, more productive, algorithmically more efficient repeatability of mega-production – or rather mega exploitation/reproduction of matter – hyper evolution will lead to appropriate, sometimes on accidentally levels, on some performance to constant structural changes … with the speed of the geometric pace of the domino effect.

Searching, inventing, using the method of the productive approach to working out, working out, reproducing creation mechanisms, the evolution of the structure of matter processes, and life is the basis, it is a manual of active genetics of production, manipulation of processes and structures … a manual of gardening/care and development of organic and inorganic matter – genetics of applied matter (the first genetic experiences began with gardening and are still widely used in it)
– a textbook of the neo revolution, a manual on selective economics, the management of gardening matter and life, breeding, priming …, genetics of progressive life and matter.

the textbook is Creator’s Guide … from God
…Do it yourself..
Handbook of competences and responsibility for creating co-creation … the ethos of organic work at the root.

In the natural process, i.e., other systems than ours created at a given level of our existence and development, i.e., our civilization system, i.e., the so-called artificial system, and in the process of our evolutionary/mega-production/neo creative activity system overlapping this natural process, followed by our various transformation initiatives in/for the next process layers, existence and development structures.
Of course, it overlaps each other, these natural systems and our artificial and natural system … is mutually vectorized.

Here we are talking about a kind of direct construction, accelerated permanent reconstruction of mechanisms of absolute zeroing, costs of transformation efficiency of structures, processes of matter, and life.
Minimizing the costs of (mega) production / (hyper) evolution as the core of any economic or evolutionary development or creation/neo creation matter and life … This aspect of strategy and progress is being developed in the wished direction by the selective economics.

This is to be a kind of further developed, improved “atomic” drive
material and energy transformations, including neo processing and neo structuring.
The powerful drive of the transformation of processes, system structures at ever-higher levels to … acquire, which will always be better to control than less known infinite natural processes than current technological advances in production, if we do not want to undergo external processes, internal-external submission systems us systematic … breeding … evolutionary utilization. Production of proprietary hyperdrive of transformations, own creative exploitation system, which is to win at designated, worked out levels with other evolutionary systems, natural or artificial … other systems of nature … specific competitive for us -other civilizations … i.e., other micro-macro external systems from our state of ownership/management of processes, structures.

The increasing technological potential of the mega-production, exploitation/manipulation of nature / hyper evolutionary enterprises multiple times increases the efficiency of selective economics as well as … this vanity of economics … i.e., the reduction of its inertia of activities that will become more connected with the impact mega-production process …, which it will be possible to further layered increase in hyper evolutionary service .. more people to create / neo-create, without much cost to the ordinary economy and vanity economy(just life for life with no worries/carefree life) of the economy … This changes the calculation, model, model of the process of determining and developing our place of way in global changes of macro and microcosm matter and life structures/processes.

The proposed system/mechanism of hyper evolution, selective economy is to be characterized by high autonomy, the freedom of self-development of tools/robots for virgin exploitation/manipulation of currently for us outside of systems/models by scientific range but … within the scope of specific digging, mining, metallurgy, neo constructs structures of the matter directly for the purposes of … the normal development of bold economic enterprises for new components for the growth of the market at new levels, whether public, private, scientific, developed, economic .. as at those times changes at all these levels, zones were introduced windows system, and earlier new forms of metallurgy, or for example the oil industry and so on.

More on the so-called economic and other applications -applied evolution/creation- of the fifth generation industry in the proposed system of selective economics of hyper evolution/neo creation of matter/life.

To be continued to applied evolution of matter/life…towards very applied physics, biology…

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