Economy/science of war/co-work with systems of nature. Part 4.a. Towards the re/neo dimension of systems.

We continue with the study of the organizational potential of developing a scientific, economic framework(application) for influencing the processes that shape the background of the properties of matter and life…on behalf mechanical background of the selective economy: (from part 3.h.)”The more maneuvering/manipulation by repetitions, steering, variability, generating projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities for expected transformations”.

Selective economics is a development of mechanisms for building organizational and mental structures to achieve further dimensions of existence and development, including the development of science as such and economics as such.

Selective economics is the elimination of the next mental, logistic barriers, increasing the platforms/potential for freedom of self-development … self-replicative system … exploitation, breeding of systems needed for existence/development, by human monitoring.
It is the production of the 5th generation … just deciding on the directions of tools energies materials of restructuring, reprocessing… looking for a niche of super improvement … hyper(r)industrial evolution pushing further boundaries, giving the framework for the application of knowledge, development.
We are to support, prompt, educate, teach this system … replacing with our own bred evolutionary background/environment … and at the same time preparing, training ourselves to be the gardener … the shepherd co-responsible for co-created (autonomous) components, systems, subsystems of the environment/creation background attitudes, overvaluation, re-valuation of processes, structures, phenomena of matter/life on the next higher / further / deeper levels and spaces … Which will relieve us from ordinary production, the direction of vegetation, escape from the mutating forces of other, competitive systems of nature … distorting the efficiency of economics as such and the area of ​​our real freedom of life, and what can translate into the more simple design, pure strategies, which further enhances the growth of this accelerator of pro-evolutionary growth from our point of view of interests … of our lives. .A literal relief from this evolutionary pursuit in simple (algorithmic) widely understood exploitation works of reaching barriers seem impossible, very remote systems, for more efficient maneuvering/manipulation, to control … no more monopolistic system of nature, or rather systems for joint work.

Here is also … a relief to vanity economy, for liberation, for an economy not connected with vegetative attitudes, for the economy of free creativity, the artistry of co-shaping nature. So, paradoxically, this selective economics is for more vigor/vanity of lifeless mind and action that depends on the vegetative reflexes of absolute, insidious, mutually destructive rivalry. This particular side of economics becomes creatively independent, creatively more … the more liberated from vegetative existential conditions … more creatively evolutionary processes of this race, and at the same time involuntarily initiating better-performing

This accelerator core for component development
for … drawing structures/process like an enchanted pen/wand with enormous speed..super 3d printer, it can be done… yesterday, the point is to keep up mentally and logistically deal with the consequences of the quick decisions in the process of “driving” this accelerator hyper of growth and … decisions that could often inhibit the accelerator from starting.
This 3 d printer is not a threat of superautomatization but a chance for the next technological breakthrough. in this evolutionary case, not only biological but totally physical on the discovered, exploited and produced spaces.

So we are talking about proper employment, appropriate prepared personnel, social and technological policy in this total mining of structures, exploitation of evolutionary structures of matter/life.
Multi-level exploitation, production of components, but at quite different levels than from 18, 19, 20, … 21st-century industrial revolution…it is the 5th generation.
It is more about applying for inclusion in the economic system in public or private than its further technological development … because its 5th generation industry will cope itself because of its definition … but this time by our … commandments.

The point is to switch the modern (evolutionary) economic system into an intensive mechanism concerning the desired direction of hyper evolutionary changes.

Under the guise of the free market lies the potential of co-development instinct, competition in this case for the race for systems increasingly deeper processing of services and products.

The entrepreneur will visionarily be digging into these mines and metallurgy components for the profit potential of future customers for the production of … spacecraft, fords, windows, and other private or public production and enterprises of new generations today as if not yet known by science and …economy but just caused by this hyper-mine as previous metallurgy revolution, the mining initiative of a real entrepreneur.

And here begins the real race of the 5th industrial economic revolution, giant mining /exploitation market of hyper evolution and neo-creation.

To be continued


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