Taking part in the war of worlds/ competitions of systems/…laws of nature by selective economics. 4.c. A human contribution/law to transformation.

I have been continuing of writing/working out unconditional(but economical) not so easy formulas/sentences of dynamic factors for changes of nature, of the economy(selective) of systems of nature…sorry …so not anymore by patriarchal(=copy like) status quo dogmatic/”scientific/=religious” achievements…always a bit out of date for further potential/progress
towards …changing perspectives of science and… entire economy, but first at all whole changing mankind and complete universe potential once at all.
We need not more excuses but solutions that deserve to be more salvatory human(not so lazy but more responsible) face of nature/god.

Matter/energy + life = just nature, but this nature of transformation with our participation (our system, our initiative, our process), or without our involvement (involvement of other systems/trends). It is merely “digging up”, race (ever faster as space observations show), efficiency competition to the next decks, more exceptional mechanisms of process structures in the macro microcosm, + generating, developing new mechanisms for maneuvering with ever deeper/finer structures of particles of matter, mass/energy, elements, bastions of protection and life development and higher than vegetative needs, aspirations of children of nature/god…higher than stone/ape …and more elevated than retreating, conservative nature aspirations of dogmatists(in some part of science/=religion of today) of …status quo of nature=their systems.

Yes. This is the economics of war(yes, we anyway take part in it) of worlds/systems, the economics of war, of defense, of reconstruction and cooperation, to develop the economy(our human economy contribution with the entire environment inside and outside) laws and rights! As well, improve the(human towards nature, or better nature towards human) economic place, improve their contribution to transformation, improve the directions of matter/energy structures and structures that interest us.
Economic, biological, physical specific attitude to positioning, maintaining, and improving position in the most targeted, automated way not only involuntary vanity/ordinary economics but more coordinated, inspired by selective economics. To develop some autonomy mass development processes to direct and generic structures, processes improvements that would interest us.

The mechanism of the selective economy: “The more maneuvering by repetitions, steering, variability, generating projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities for expected transformations”…
… in total it is a kind of extension
Newton’s First Law states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. It may be seen as a statement about inertia, that objects will remain in their state of motion unless a force acts to change the motion.
… positioning redefines all existing structures, laws, processes of nature, including Emc2 and other “genetic” systems so-called of living and nonliving matter … economics, too.
As an amonolithic approach to phenomena in the direction of initiating, responding to structural and process changes, internal and external factors, systems.
Here, we introduce the acceptance of active economics as something so far not sufficiently, not complementarily, was recognized in recognition of phenomena more than the so-called “medieval” horizon of micro-macrocosm in the static, passive approach.

The open economy of the mechanisms of all processes and structures becomes a renewal of religion, challenges, and visions of life and matter
To acquire new elements of bridgeheads of new spaces, new positions of the borders of life and matter. This is the next paradigm strategy for further action and not stopping in one place- in fact, in place on lossy, lost positions of life and its perspective literally and figuratively.

Amonolithic approach to phenomena, redefinition of observed processes to emerge from the next cocoons of perception and strategy – this is the selective economics … renewed religion/faith in the perspective of responsible shaping of the future framework, platforms of existence and development (because staying in the same place means massive regression in time of speedup processes of the entire environment of the universe).
Technology, production strategy / neo-evolutionary … the economy of new, further, deeper micro/macrosystems of the cosmos of life and mater differs from the usual, where there are not:
-mixed attempts to make sense of actions in the field of natural coexistence of systems and their frameworks/laws with
ambivalence/vanity of the knowledge of existence and life,
-shifting responsibility and rights to some other more or less imaginary entities.

Selective economics has to help in scientific breakthroughs, in the multibillion multiplication of their effects and intentions,
as if exactly going in the next dimension of the space of manipulation of influence, uploading, maintaining, improving properties and values ​​on new created, discovered, exploited, processed on a very massive scale of infinite decks of components of nature by their properties “melting”, processing, mass processing properties. Just take gradually over the basis/background of life and matter properties positioning, working out here on it literally and figuratively at an ever faster speed.

To be continued with the importance, further consequences, and effects of separating selective economics as the common denominator of economics and science, as a breakthrough in generating all processes, structures of systems of nature on a very massive mega productive scale.

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