Selective economics of mass production, “infection”, exploitation, growing of new spaces by massive reproduction, reprogramming, and so control of further structures and processes of life and matter. Part 4.d.

Continuation of drafts of proposals to use selective economics separation as a tool for …nature …economy totally hyper evolutionary/tendency transformation of every encountered processes/structure of the environment.

Selective economics is the final dot over and, for the multi-trillion multiplication of the effects of scientific breakthroughs attempts as well as the increase of technological, production potential, comfortable evolutionary hype platform = hyper economic = hyper-productive emergence of these breakthroughs, without any inhibitions of the contemporary vegetative economic backyard – games with zero = vain result … over naturally evolutionary, vegetatively … i.e., ultimately insufficient development result … to develop the right “weather/climate/environment” (harsh natural conditions did not allow peoples to achieve above vegetative / above evolutionary / above natural trends, sufficient developmental levels – as history shows), requirements for freer development, not succumbing to trends of external micro and macro space systems … and even manipulate them … but only on the condition of a massive scale, because the patterns are only enormous in nature.

Going out, developing a position above the vegetative, scholastic – copying the status quo of some absolute (in fact a temporary) models of the nature of the closed world of passive vegetation of play … as the self-destructive medieval crusade/children’s dance, …but for initiating new creation, creation, neo creation global, cosmic.

Exit from the mental cocoon precisely in the neo-religious acquisition, sparking ideas … literally and figuratively neo-economically / neo-producing / neo-evolutionary massive reaction, massive actions, massive process control, creatively responsible for the next undiscovered unknown spaces of life … matter / energy.

Selective economics separated from the strategically vegetative state as a paradigmatically artificially produced quasi/hyper evolutionary gene to work out, initiate the direction of the momentum of the momentum of the properties of traits, phenomena of behavior in nature, and included, separated from the generally known models of economic processes/models of nature, giving much more evolutionarily conscious creatively play a role in the strategy of activities, among other things, in the economic field, scientific achievements of taming, learning about processes, structures of nature, and resulting social and developmental relations and aspirations.

Selective economics is a generator, the key to the next levels, the background space of the creation of the evolution of matter and life, in which man will finally be able to look and act in advance observing them co-creating being aware of the potential and technology of influencing more consciously the processes of nature which we are and have to have the right to be active members.

Selective economics is an impulse
is above all an absolutely indispensable tool for fostering further programming, controlling structure processes in increasingly distant and deeper areas of the environment – their exploitation, neo-creation – in/of us and outside us.

Selective economics introduces us to forth dimension over third-dimensional barriers Emc2, third economic dimensions also, opening potential tools for managing hyper vegetative/ hyper evolutionary, hyper economic development, sense of development, a new hyper evolutionary marketing argument for supply/demand ventures, healthier in terms of evolution (also climatically) impulses, producer/consumer instincts and so development/existence trends, for more effectively strategically developed scientific development directions, investment enterprises.

The task of selective economics is to follow the scientific blow as efficiently as possible as much as possible through mega productive, hyper evolutionary use, support in the selected direction of neo-evolutionary, neo-creative trends … because of this more according to broader aspirations of life and development.

Here, the newer solutions are proposed in three repetitive leaps: 1. hyper mining of ever deeper micro-macro space/areas, 2. hyper “metallurgy” processing, 3. mega-production preparation of this component, and which will mutually drive each other ever faster and massive in this hyper-exploitation for/of next areas, levels, spaces of the structures of nature, its systems … productively, massively autonomous digging into ever deeper layers of structures, their acquisition, production of new components that will be the basis of a new background, new platform, new matter/energy and life generation for development, further any processes and properties overruns that are facing resistance today because of not fully exploiting the potential of the mega-production, through neo-economical = selective economy.

We are like in the Stone Age … stone mechanics but at the quark level … quark mechanics, limited genetic engineering
We are in the age of industrial quantum, cellular, genetic mechanics …a quantum, cellular, genetic of …hand made industry … And here is proposed 5th generation industry accelerator, which is as a mega-production industry, neo economically to fill out trillions of times barely touched areas, potentials of today’s discovery made by barely mechanically, hand-worked out processes, structures to further increase their level of exploitation, manipulation in the environment by… this time new massive hyper-production park by/for 1,000,000,000 … % use of the current achievements discoveries, productions, at an additional geometric rate.

To be continued to creating a competitive background for a new generation of events and phenomena for new properties/values of processes and structures.

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