Working out the system of mass exploitation of the transformation natural and artificial environment is the right development strategy/trend and already historically growing up the mechanism of any system. 6.d.

Man can achieve everything sooner or later without any exceptions …by science and economics. That is the invisible lever of opportunity. This strength of the meaning of the word can=possibilities depends on hyper evolutionary, neo-creative strategy allowing to produce/develop/support more and more effective production bases of mixed development with the momentum of the expansive explosion accelerating (not slowing down) … as the observed system of the entire cosmos does. So these possibilities have/are to be continuously increased dynamically. These possibilities do not have a static character but expanded at a geometric pace. Our issue is to work out effective service of this process, which has historically been always present – the economically developed potential of the industrial technology park of the man(historically and…{by us artificially accelerating} futuristically bigger and bigger park/tool per one person) and its development potential. Here we are talking about capturing, stimulating, and improving this – like always again, but this time more and more efficiently grabbing the steering wheel of our future/fate- emphasize the “discovered” mechanism.

Developing the advantage of the scale of the industrial/technology park for catching up and servicing of achievements/models/scientific patterns, their utility, also overtaking these scientific achievements/models in their further extension, reconstruction, replacement, worked out, discovered, invented, supporting subsequent accomplishments and so on step by step.
We are talking about mass exploitation, mines…of inner structures, environmental transformations of… the background. The gene of any achievements, substitutes for results, i.e., generating the basis for new qualitative, quantitative, mass development stages and their production, more and more controlled massiveness of any action( that will… change freely/directionally gravitation/ally{law} and other influences/factors/properties forever), hyper evolutions, neo creativity, neo (selective) economy applications.

The proposed neo-economic, selective, multi technological, very massive and targeted directional, algorithmic(partly more and more self looking autonomous re/neo production system for further …algorithmic decisions, directions of investing, exploiting components for development, overtaking deeper and deeper structures/processes of life and matter…energy, gravitation…and other not know yet naturally and …artificially{our production/reproduction/transformation} discovered, made/produced factors ), the neo-evolutionary intervention has neo-genetic … neo-physical, neo-biological, neo-medical, neo-chemical … neo-chemical … neo mathematic/economic … by “fourth dimension shortcuts” character.

Working out [more and more of the work shall take over by automation by very massive domino/chain reaction effect] the system of mass exploitation of the transformation natural and artificial environment of mass systems (new chemical engineering chemistry …) is the right development strategy/trend and already historically growing up mechanism{of life and matter neo creation} and not the manual modeling manufacture … “and then we’ll see”.
The economization of evolution processes, i.e., hyper evolution, gives greater confidence and security for further economic development because it is better in terms of direction, strategy. That is further improving the economy of our civilization as such. That will further drive the process of economization of processes of the nature of evolution…hyper evolution and so on accelerating this process … the mechanism of development of life support and processes in global cosmic inward and outward dimensions, including those beyond old/current models/formulas = “beyond dimensional”.

They are the basics of existence, the basics of life because life is making decisions, not so modeled, not so templated, own choices. That, thanks to our own expanded apparatus/system of massiveness for influencing other systems and border models of transformation, is supposed to affect the management of the mass of external processes … systems … of this matter, this life … mutual wrestling of systems ( including our system of aspirations and decisions), … this is the strength of the basis of global/cosmic scale of controlled and transformed life by us and other systems…of selective economics/=hyper/co-controlled evolution of life and matter.
We shall mention profound political consequences of this mass transformation of political, economic, and technological hyper evolutionary cosmic, global of human life, and …the entire cosmos fate.

There is no ordinary/generally perfect efficient design, modeling, formulating gradation of processes/structures changes. [ If someone does/did it, I would call it pure mockery against nature – not that me mocker about somone].The scale of changes the usefulness of factors in the next levels of interpretation and neo creation/neo/reproduction changes on a large scale – an increasingly larger size of the neo creation changing qualitatively/dimensionally/spatially of the entire environment of the neo creation/neo production/neo exploitation.
In all respects … at a pace of speed “production exploitation” generally patterns of application are not enough. The is a need for a dynamic approach to all phenomena of large/mass-scale/ use in nature and production .. transformation of strategies in/for…neo determining energy, mass, … gravity… the definition of life … the environment of nature and produced systems (not only neutrality but … taking over an active initiative/role in shaping the climate environment, .. geology, atom, cell … biology, physics, … life … in vast areas, on more precise and more mass levels of structure stages.

To be continued sketches to resolve/exploit further stages of natural and artificial mechanisms of existence and growth of systems of matter and life…by physics, economy, etc. mass utility development/engineering.

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