The more (very massive productive)engineering/manipulation will be used in mathematics, the faster will be refreshing/refuting patterns of old, already reworked ancient structures, which further raises the level of modeling and thus … the “usability” of the early models. 6.e.

We are still looking for a mechanism, sensibility, and then a strategy for the development of systems, including the system of our civilization, our biological and social life, including our economy and science, i.e., selective economics, i.e., hyper evolution (neo-ecology = competition, leadership, and responsibility for the arrangements of relations between all systems: our and other systems/environments of nature), neo-creations, our struggles with the changing relationships of the forces of nature’s systems in us and outside.

In the development process, the search for solutions, their applications are based on developed solutions, models, patterns, which we determine their “inviolability” of relations at a given level of perception, the potential for manipulation of inviolable model structures to which these solutions relate, i.e., the mathematization of a given level of achieved space of manipulation … inserting numbers and patterns of structures/processes for … manipulation … or walls, barriers to the development of a given level of potential that we have achieved, and which some people always consider closed, final, … but in our model space three dimensional, i.e., temporary due to just past and present but not future achievements … mass reproduction of the environment, which no longer falls within this old three-dimensional model.

Using the achieved mathematical applications for description, reproduction, manipulation of a given material, process, the structure will always be correct as far as this/a given level of structure development/knowledge/potential/perception of the material is concerned. Still, the effects of using mathematics in engineering, i.e., manipulation, with longer or for a shorter time, change the internal environment and the external manipulative materials of their structure, …on a massive scale of the environment, in which this mathematics of the previous structures of observation, operation, production, and engineering no longer applies (for further utility in a remodeled environment).

The more (very massive productive)engineering/manipulation will be used
in mathematics, the faster will be refreshing/refuting patterns of old, already reworked ancient structures, which further raises the level of modeling and thus … the “usability” of the past… E = mc2, genetics in old standards – third [observed now]dimension overthrown by this dynamic fourth dimension (which immediately becomes the old, third dimension for further manipulation [from our or other systems of interesses] … further life, because that is what it is …= overthrowing existing structure/processes modeling, etc.)
So dynamic mathematical revolution, manipulation, engineering reconstruction of given models, given structures of nature has a neo-creational, hyper evolutionary/revolutionary character… revolution devouring their own children.

So other, distant structures / (micro/macro) systems, old models/barriers of physics, biology, etc. they become shortcuts to another dimension in the “(hyper dimension)corridor” … artificially created, causing multiply acceleration … this lever of mass re/neo/production mathematical applications, that is, to the restorative foundations of mathematics … that is old to new structures of matter/life, massive processing, hyper repeatedly … structurally leverage (included mass/energy very large-scale autonomous structural/microenvironment exploitation processes engineering -more about it in later posts). The entire development system is based on this mass leverage engineering on given areas of interest, strategy, and action.
The proposed development strategies are not to be some problematic production line, which is currently present due to production/service economics-based mostly on the vanity for a show but not for creative creativity / … through fun.
Fun or vanity in or out of development progress.
Maximum amusement, not giving in to “sadness” but through slack, laziness for…comfort, safety, and development … exploitation/ autonomous hyper re/production without unnecessary burdens, model restrictions, prohibitions, orders, models.
It is giving a chance to vent improvisation and development on a total scale .. This leverage of mathematics on an absolute level… hyper-scale of phenomena their transformation because of this, gives vent to ingenuity, which is the combined condition for the scale and utility of this hyper mathematical leverage .. hyper-precise.
Restraint, lack of faith, and responsibility do not give rights and conditions to play with the right momentum … fun like a neo creative vanity, based on an innovative platform of/for a better reality.

Selective economics is, therefore, a tool of this creative fun, because creation is fun against the past/=present status quo, it is to stand against the vain of developing life/= life …against free/inert, non-directional, submissive movement … –
and not a vain of behavior … seemingly even fun (vain games, degradation games …
It is a real transfer – it is a total reconstruction and above mathematically level engineering of perception, of potential… a pro-engineering attack – moving into other corridors of (hyper)laws and dimensions.

What does this mean – a new definition of the position of man, his rights and his potential for creating his future processes, his more comprehensive chances than other structures/systems
… that could overcome old-time models of matter, mass-energy, genetics, God models, patterns, dogmas …
for the new decalogue of joint responsibility … the decalogue of new “organoleptic” standards of perception, matter/life-related reconstruction … raised level of calculation and reconstruction, creation of neo-creation of hyper evolution … hyper revolution in hyper autonomously and very massively re/neo/produced environment in our own system concerning other systems in micro / macro cosmos relations.
To be continued to …neo ecology of the local environment of/for very massive geometrically [autonomously] accelerated ( speed up explosion) development.

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