Perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution -input and improving pro hyper evolution coefficient. 7.b.

Life is/means crossing borders.
Life is/means crossing the boundaries of interactive systems, and this does not have to be synonymous with war or hunting, but competition, cooperation in jointly responsible raising of the standard of living, development existence without unnecessary violence. Our sense of life is the actual (and not irresponsible expectation) improvement of our own and the environment’s presence … The real emanation of life for our system of humanity and other systems, … plants, animals… micro-macro cosmos civilization. Hyper evolutionary, hyper / neo-ecological or jointly responsible co-direction, humanization, alleviation of all processes and relations between humans and animals … as well as between animals and any relationships of life and matter … because in the historical and technologically potential trend we have more and more opportunities for mass transforming any background that generates, creates, restructures any relationship in the matter … physics, biology. Prospects that do not have to succumb to fatalistic or destructive tendencies, but vice versa. In the energetic life of matter … It is moving to higher levels … How does the extensively expanding cosmos doing it internally, accelerating which is the expansion of life, the emanation in which we can and still take a potential share, only more and more active participation in the cooperation of cooperation with other systems of this system, these infinite systems, and opportunities for life and matter?

The articles have the character of work, whose goal is to further score factors aiming at an increasingly co-controlled environment, expanding … the tool park / automatic, autonomous service of this process – which historically, bias has its basis and evolutionary and hyper evolutionary confirmation (hyper evolutionary means = intentional technological and production activity of man to improve his relations with the nature of processes and structures = it means working out improving the evolutionary pro hyper evolution coefficient, which currently indicates more negative/minus tendencies … climatic … … it is about significantly increasing life and matter ratio in our/mankind favor constructively and not vice versa/destructively)
Is this any attempt to proof of any thesis, some effort to prove some theory? … No, it is instead striving towards it, “involuntarily” expanding the workshop of arguments, factors, proposals of cognition, learning the exploitation of the neo-creation of life and matter. It attempts to [work out …flee from primitive technologically/economically strategies standards of today…out of date] go out from natural (micro and macrocosm)evolutionary trap, hyper evolutionary(=made by man) trap(for example climatic trap).

We are, the whole (micro/macro) cosmos are in the process of perpetuum mobile – The issue of awareness of this process and developing a mass strategy (no vanity strategy, no deprivation, not empty strategic primitive economically, productively, technologically irresponsible for this process, but possibly) full joining in this process of permanently participation of working out …of automation … of the field/background for developing, accelerating the direction of this process of mass creation, neo creation = hyper evolution of matter and life.
Any mining, exploitation, modification of the process, processes in an increasingly more instrumented, mass, automatic, autonomous nature has the character of the technological perpetual mobile of all creative processes, neo creation, evolution, hyper evolution of any processes, and the transformation of life and matter/energy.
The same applies to any structural, energetic, physical, biological, chemical processes … this process is to be permanently modified guided … then it has the character of a perpetuum mobile of matter and the life of the entire (micro-macro) cosmos in the improved stages of its exploitation, its … life in the broad sense, increasingly controlled and shaped.

Proposed use of perpetual motion processes based on hyperbolic interpretation of the jet system (of Newtonian law of… any movement {control of innertion of }no/yes modification), i.e., introducing any changes in the massiveness of mega hyper-production system contributing to hyper evolutionary transformations … raising the evolutionary pro hyper ratio (more on this topic later) of course of these hyper productions will be properly burdened with technological, economic strategy approach that above all exposes rates of the massiveness of natural systems {other systems than our mankind system} transformations to artificial one{our system} = mass production, autonomous, automatic, accelerating.

Not a physical, chemical, biological … the alchemical system, but continually developing a massive dynamic interference system, co-creating the background of life and matter in the domino effect system …. just like transferring, generating electricity … a system of robotic wave mass processing restructuring target structures/processes above the natural, i.e., hyper evolutionary, giving the basis for continuous development/defense of the position of homo sapiens in terms of physical, chemical, biological, … responsible abilities in any dimension and …time.

To be continued from nomadic means extensive and very primitive economic, technologic strategy of today to very intensive massive exploitation, cooperation hyper evolutionary strategy= selective economics with nature of systems.

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