Perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution – hands-free technology mind and strategy of/for buffering our existence from/by nature/systems. 7.c.

Continuation of open constructing/drafting/indicating our potential, place, and platform of/for our matter and life properties transformation, hyper evolution, neo creation by technological and economic tools/strategies…further explanation and application of the perpetuum mobile mechanism of the economy of technology of neo creation and existence and development of matter and life structures/processes.

Technological perpetuum mobile is a developed, tuned tooling …a concern of …metallurgy of ever deeper factors, properties of nature …a concern(a big firm) without… people (only in almost man-free enterprises on the very massive scale of exploitation, reproduction, neo production one can use effectively pro hyper evolutionary coefficient) for the processing of structures, the production of structures in the direction of material/energy targets, on those at least partly acquired these group of constructional, structural and process investments … i.e., constructing on oneself acquired and processed in part or in the whole environment, with a smaller and smaller percentage of people(on work out levels, stages of specificated directions…but increasing percentage of people on other stages and so on…that means broadening front of development and services as is used to be historically and currently in our civilization development in countries with higher and higher standards of mechanization, automation) … transferring autonomy to the tools and the environments they create, new material and energy backgrounds, the infinitely raised coefficients of the basis of property, the property of matter, energy … life concerning the stagnant … from negative – self-destructive [of today…climate], through neutral (ecological) to pro hyper evolutionary, i.e., exceeding current structures, tendencies, standards, properties of nature recognized at a given current level of mind, development, perception, strategy … religion as not achievable.

Manual human activities (historically, civilizational, … as well as as a natural process of pulling other structures/tools under themselves) an increasingly supported automatic, autonomous device for technological and production parks … and such a mutually accelerated development mechanism.
But it is about the increasingly gigantic atherosclerosis the advantage of the participation of the automatic hyper evolution park background to achieve its vital processes in the natural mass environment, very mass evolutionary processes, creation more or less achievable at a given strategy and level of development. ..In this process for a given scope, space .. local action with an explosion/mass / autonomous effect.

Manual technology and it’s further evolutionary, hyper evolutionary, i.e., selective economics, the economics of technologically, massive nature background transformation development.
A comprehensive development strategy for the perspective of autonomous mass technology … billions of billions of hands and billions of microrobots for controlling the shape of ever-deeper generics, including operational and reproductive / neo-autonomous quark/quantum engineering (e.g., towards the quantum of light of autonomous reproduction of trends … pro hyper evolutionary), mass foundations for the development of nature and its properties.
The factors needed for the efficient development of this hyper evolutionary second-order (higher stage order) technology are multifunctional buffering, i.e., instrumentation … industrialization, automation of the environmental sphere for further reproduction, neo production – like the trend, the history of technology development = the tools of the “extended” hand pointed and indicates the direction of …mans evolution, entire[deepr and deeper] man’s environment evolution(hyper evolution by man)…
according to the system of needs under and above the ruling, superior positions of mutual system systems, including the guiding principles of our civilization, as well as groups of individuals and human units … economic

neo strategy means neo religion of needs and potentials of
… divine technology of perpetuum mobile for a further higher stage of development and piramide of needs … Neo economy empowered by the beliefs spoiled by unawareness of the mechanism of selective economics(intensive direct economics of hyper evolution) of often opposite systems of … angels and devils … and the devil is in the details.

We are talking here about a technological race with the entire cosmos/environment, its intersecting systems (including aliens) more or less unknown, varying in size and speed of processes/structures … moreover, we can also change the speed and scale of structures and processes more and more on work out levels … it is about automatization, massiveness, speed of these transformations … neo-creative, hyper evolutionary matter/energy, and life.
Race out of the mass of micro and macro space processes … of its systems, gradual chasing, taking over … in this religious fight with conflicting systems, i.e., with … the devil …. the fight of better systems with the worse, i.e., the battle…. of the devil with an angel … good with evil … to which we should finally strategically join jointly and … technologically … i.e., instead integrate a parallel self-service system, mass neo-creative … action strategy …of the savior …

To be continued to further explanation and application of pro hyper evolutionary coefficient as a crucial strategical indicator of primitivization or development trends of our environmental existence/stand by economy simultaneously with science…why I call today’s economy, science, technology…strategies as primitive ones, and what we can do it with it? – a massive autonomous takeover, reconstruction of processes as the fundamental element of perpetual mobile strategy/technology of development.

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