Economic mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution – Mass autonomous takeover, process reconstruction as the basis of a strategy for reshaping the background of our destiny. 7.d.

Further proposals, ideas, drafts (written from e-mail notates always made circa one month before – there a long queue of the notates for official posts) for productively mastering processes of entire further and further levels of matter/energy, life, (any) civilization/system evolution.

The merging of the issues of technology economics, hyper evolution, neo religion, physics, and biology into one inspirational mechanism for determining, developing, constructing, co-constructing trends in the transformation of properties, existential patterns, and development under the name of selective economics, i.e., the economic (generally economics and any observations and practice show infinitely possibility with exchange/co-production/neo creation with nature on any stage of development and existence…to make a new nature, neo nature), organization of all processes, structures that interest us which we have to deal with in nature and already achieved structures, being further gates, roads, platforms for further, deeper exploitation and reproduction, neo-creative micro / macro levels of nature.

In this way, a new civilization is born, any new phenomenon, process, structure, foundations of a modern (renewed) civilization, a new environment, unique properties of this environment not yet known … not created.
This is hyper neolithic evolution, i.e., transition to new states … of the economy – from passive to increasingly powerful tool at given levels, i.e., further shifting, working out, producing this hyper evolutionary mechanism of development levels – spaces of an explosion of development of another dimension, as if more than three-dimensional, taking further, other paths, platforms for acquiring structures, processes, their complete operation, restructuring … to maintain and raise our levels, standards of life, existence, development … because space is a very dynamic antistatic process with which we continuously need to cooperate intensively, compete.

This is a further buffering of the pyramid of needs .. a higher technological evolutionary economic level
from nomadic cosmonautics to technological cosmonautics, i.e., more intensive automation, autonomic of tooling of exploitation, mega-production/=hyper evolution at the lowest possible level of… exploration = nomadic … a new technological strategy allowing for step/jump wise, oversized, above nomadic acquisition of micro macrocosm at increasingly higher levels of… geography/cosmic sphere events.

Instead of exploration, it is more like … catching perpetual mobile, i.e., entering into the mechanisms of transformation, cosmic transformations at the micro and macro levels
In further areas/dimensions of exploration, exploitation, building economics technology to catch this wind of this process of renewable structures … i.e., perpetuum mobile at ever-higher levels of performance.
The same applies to all encountered biological, physical processes … mining and reconstruction… a kind of automatic metallurgy of all living and non-living matter found ever inside the microcosm – (properties) of structures.

Science is nomadic, extensive, point-like … and this is it- and it is ok… for the alchemy of encountered events…it is ok if it takes into consideration improving existential, evolutional level of life and matter properties for achieving goals…if not it is merely primitive alchemy- the same is it with economy, entire technology development if made not by chance but mostly by the strategy of existence and growth.
And the technology of reconstruction and exploitation has the character of intensive exploration, or rather an exploitation of the micro macrocosm, intensification of production, a hyper neolithic revolution of the economy, exploration, exploitation of the environment within and outside us.

A mass autonomous takeover process reconstruction as the elementary basis of perpetuum mobile strategy/technology.

Modern extensive economics, nomadic economics, and hyper evolutionary economics of catching the perpetual motion system of neo construction, neo energy, neo matter of exploitation, reproduction … always cheaper than the contribution according to the basic principles of economics( historically, productively confirmed- of course, it is going to make the process more and more smoothly/most possible autonomously technologically/economically and evolutionary/ecologically) and … physics but the physics of infinity material/mass energetic transformation resources. .. they could be physics/economics… perpetual mobile transformations, transformation process.
Contemporary chemistry physics, extensive alchemy against intensive engineering. It is a kind of balance between this extensive and intensive hyperspace/ neo nature economy.

The point is to include co-creation co-responsibility, i.e., co-production of its background environment, its structural park, natural production process, as per our economic and technological production strategies – and what’re next properties, physical, biological properties.

So it is going on an investigation for developing of really stand of our chances for life and matter of our status quo of/for our present and future co-creation because it has never been taken into consideration by whole mankind religion, science, economy.

So, the selective economics (this is not economics, not physics, not technology, not production, but this is an indicator genome[a divine/energetic sparks] of factors, coefficient of directions of aspirations of any existence and development) means a human economy of processes structures of micro-macro cosmos evolution transformation; further (not passive) creation…initiate by…people on wished levels of aspirations and worked out potential.

To be continued to explanations of the (economic/technologic)farming perspectives of the background of our life and matter genome as direct ways for brake barriers of the level of evolutionary cosmic “speed” stages of/for development.

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