Selective economics – applied economy of influence of processes structures of micro-macro cosmos evolution transformation, further creation.7.e.

Further continuation of sketches, comments, suggestions for additional such or other perspectives, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic, and neo natural strategies open for exchange of ideas of existence and development.

Selective economics means human direct applied economy(mega-production[massive reconstruction]/hyper evolution of any encountered processes/structures) of influence of processes structures of micro-macro cosmos evolution transformation (transformation of the natural progression of matter and life processes/structures), further creation.

Nomadic/primitive science, i.e., science for production, technology, but {it is going for}more the technology for a much larger, economically, ecologically … cheaper [i.e., automatic speed up… autonomous production … transfer of competence to the administrative/robotic apparatus of … further apparatus…and so for additional machinery from time to time controlled by man and his servicemen/=…developing robots/algorithms as well] production for science as such for increasing the scientific potential of a startup/spine/scaffolding, and further reproductive … economically nomadic, cosmic, cosmonautical startup and feedback scientific startup and so acceleration feedback mechanism of civilization hyper economic hyper scientific development including cosmonautics, medicine, and
ecology – a kind of pure transformation of all structures – restructuring of the nature and environment of all structures/processes encountered….seems contradictory/paradoxical task – total exchange of nature by possible maintenance all old structures. Still, it means very intensively/massive restructuring/re(neo)producing all that we need for our aspirations of/for our developing system of life and matter/=our civilization, not destroying things that we don’t need to do.

It is arranging, ordering, correcting, caring or grubbing up systems of good and evil within us, in ourselves, in the surrounding micro-macro cosmos … the powers of Satan, the devils and the divine powers {by bible/koran descriptions}/= potential forces of systems that can support or destroy our foundations of life and development.
The world/micro-macro cosmos is a collection of an infinite number of systems [as different in size, speed – someone could call them as very different civilizations/aliens crossing each other in us{in atoms too!} and outside as well!] often contradictory … biological, physical, including so-called spiritual/unknown opportunities, potential/ideas of development. The issue of developing strategies is to maintain and develop its own position at the most efficient and peaceful level – not so economically / geopolitically / geo ecologically self-destructive due to primitive vanity/empty ambitions of unresponsible (from their pseudo {only here and now}faith- assumption)people.

But it not means by arduous work but to allow to make it by shifting the hard work to competences of tools/automates as the history of lazy man development shows. Simply we shall not stop but wisely accelerate the snowball grow.

This accelerated snowball effect, domino effect, this hyper potential, this divine perpetual motion is right next to us … just connect to this mechanism … as in the conductivity of electricity, energy in distances in-depth and outside …on the border of hyper destruction or
a hyper explosion of hyper rebirth… so we have to take more responsible, more efficient/massive steering wheel finally and not waiting for other systems as infinitely quantity parts of nature… that swallow us…if we don’t want to be just…a passive “wise” -here and now mind- food of matter and life evolution…speaking”proving” about barriers of development of the …(mankind)food.

Barriers and boundaries will be crossed without any inhibitions and compromises with existing (“already established”) relations of matter/energy/life… but the economics of exchange outside/through these barriers and boundaries is determined … the economics of neo creation, hype (r) evolution reconstruction, neo structure.

No more nomadic character or alchemy of the existing status quo – but … allowed on a nomadic scientific style on the periphery of a technological explosion, mass, automatic, autonomous invasion … that is, rather direct acquisition of structures, creation, mega-production of structures, their re-production, neo production of micro-macro cosmos
Undertaking economic and scientific projects on this technological / production tsunami of a new perspective.

Is there any room for human words in this hyper technocratic language, such as love, for example? The answer is yes. The issue is how much to strengthen the meaning of these words.
The real word love but not without coverage … love is 100 procedural (evolutionary) and more (hyper evolutionary) responsibility for the fate of each of us and others.

Love is a shared responsibility, and this gives rise to the “miracle” or this extra-dimensional creation, neo-creation of our life, and matter/energy.

To be continued to go out from vanity/primitive enterprises/economy/technology/science vegetation/stagnation to economy/science of technological/perpetuum mobile growing/explosion of/for massive in-depth neo creation of background of life and matter.

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