A strategy/technology/economics to go out from a real suicide ecological/evolutionary blindness/primitiveness/stagnation “development” to a real (micro-macro)cosmic conquer/championship. 8.b.

From the strategy of stagnation of pre neolithic stand of passiveness/primitiveness of a static view of nature of today until a higher level of neolithic revolution of exploitation/neo creation of nature.

Further research and co-generation of the genetic basis of the transformation of inanimate and animate matter. Crossing existing systems. Creating the foundations of a new (hyper) economy, (hyper physics, biology…) science, technology/production (self-replicating) fully responsible and forced (forced by the instinct of survival … the instinct of human dignity and not involuntary reflexes … vanity/nihilistic economic games) strategies for a mass transformation of the whole environment in a system of exploration/stratified exploitation, at ever deeper/advanced levels.

a dam…self-reliance self-replicating technology/production remedy for pro hyper evolutionary coefficient against evolutionary cage tendencies- towards workout and construction mechanism of swallowing systems of matter and life

Here the mechanism of the miracle of nature, the wonder of creation. The divine miracle is clarified, which is based on the effect of the domino of our imaginations, dreams, plans, and actions. Impossible can be achieved by releasing/initiating in the right direction of action/interactions of this micro/macrocosmic (already together) responsible gardening, production on a truly cosmic scale … if we want to achieve/realize these miracles.
Let’s work on these miracles. The evolution of animate and inanimate matter is working on these miracles … as well as from human ambitions and actions in the active, directed/non-passive gardening of the garden (of the whole/infinite micro-macro cosmos) of the master, god, i.e., the garden of co-participation, of co-responsible … of everyone who he is co-responsible, co-operative for this garden, of everyone that can feel like an owner, rightful successor, collaborator in the management of this garden, achieving miracles … today, now, seemingly unimaginable but tomorrow or earlier achievable … but certainly achievable … The issue is merely developing / organizing – and finally, above all, faith/strategy – tools, mechanisms accelerating this process, which up to this time was not taken into account at all!

The garden, i.e., the platform, the background of life, which is the basis of life, which is a luxury of comfort, a privilege on which to maintain, the current state or a better condition, one need to continually work, cooperate in construction, build his natural/artificial foundations, properties, values, characterize, to earn, to deserve if one wants to maintain or develop them in one way or another.

The start of this effect of the automatic, self-replicating development of telecommunications, energy, reconstruction, and exploitation networks is to be the real beginning (cooperation) of the creation of the machine, the mechanism (of the new world) or the miracle … the development of life … birth (rebirth) of life in us and beyond.

Because with the status quo of doing nothing or laziness (of course, laziness was and will be a motive for improvement, more accessible with the help of tools … automation … autonomy) in this (hyper evolutionary)direction … one can not count on any mercy, grace in the jungle of nature, or mercy of God’s system – one always has to earn his own position, serve in mutual competition for … life … because here is who in this (worked out, raised status, influence) competence of this hyper evolution, (ultra) economics selective will have more to say and rights … just human rights, natural hyper, evolutionary hyper, neo-creative ultra-economic, hyper economics structures … relations and physical values, the biological competition will work out – there is no retirement, no end in action on the contrary … the front of the work will increase involuntarily (like the cosmos … including the cosmos of viruses) increasing, accelerating … because life is or will be forever, and that in this comfort of life-value, life-properties, life-comfort … developing because life is a permanent job, shared responsibility for shaping our own environment (internal and external), the lack of this multi-environmental activity automatically takes away the right to this life, and any crossing of further barriers of life, matter, energy …

And these are the fundamental foundations of life, any purpose, sense of action … life, and at the same time hints of mass changes in the mass environment of the living environment, this life, all these changes, initiatives, and dreams that affect this life and its human aspirations.
This primitivism of relations, attitudes, economic, social, … scientific behaviors mentioned earlier are just static/axiomatic determination of some barriers. That means not taking into account insufficient consideration of any variables in any processes, changes of relations of properties in nature, behaviors actively shaping any processes/structures in nature … treating the nature of its physics, biology as a value, features, the property is not changeable/constant/static, cannot be changed …and this attitude is used in religion, technology, economics, politics, science.

The primitivism of economic and scientific activities, and more precisely not taking into account the more or less forward-looking evolutionary hyper, production hyper … coefficients of existence and development … for expansion, gaining further levels of micro-macro cosmos, or towards … self-destruction through the abandonment of any directional strategies/activities in this cosmos of infinite quantities, sizes, and speeds of competing systems…further broader factors of our own and external participation in the re/neo structuring, re/neo processing, hyper evolution in life/matter, creation, structuring … to not only keep anything in this living boiler of the environment/micro macrocosm “emerging” or/and destroying systems, possibly further development beyond the status quo of the primitive acceptance of systems of powers currently.

The pro mentioned above hyper evolutionary coefficient is to support, indicating the level of [awareness, discussion, and strategy] of strategic relations, economically, scientifically. To a further level of this neolithic revolution at ever-higher levels of exploitation/neo creation (neo production/construction) of micro-macro cosmos environment.

… so without undertaking this strategy of hyper evolution, we will not be able to reach the proper (defense and development initiative) cosmic speed literally and figuratively … civilizational, existential, creative, scientific, economical on the scale really more than vegetative cosmic. It comes here about being a winner of space,(micro macrocosm of life and matter/energy on systematically[by technological perepetuum mobile of self-replicating/developing exploitation/construction systems of matter/energy] conquered levels)not figuratively, but … literally… billions of billions of times more effectively – and that’s what this proposed process is about. Belief in this divinity, or joint responsibility for nature in us and outside, is hyper strategy=faith not without coverage

… Over ordinary science, activities, managing utility, purposefulness, a plan for further study/science, economics … which of course also help in further stimulating this strategy of encouraging selective economics to accelerate this hyper evolutionary perpetual mobile of exploitation and re/neoconstruction of matter/energy and so further … life potential, and vice versa, and so on.

To be continued to the (hype)revolution of constructing a … self-replicating systems of micro macro cosmic dams of/for energy/matter …nature/life support/development by creation/neo creation.

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