Re/processing of nature’s tendencies as a technological perpetual mobile machine for hyper (artificial/control)evolutionary relations, neo/creation. E=mc2(xCo).9.b.

Further discussions, tests, works, studies on mastering the course of processes/structures in us and outside.

A pre-neolithic economy, i.e., unconditional, plundering, greedy, not strategically developed, comprehensively, efficiently exploited at given levels of attainable specific existential balance.
Primitive irresponsible strategically bypassing hyper evolutionary relations by economy … and vice versa results in even a more negative pro hyper ratio til evolutionary existence and development … by destroying by a chance of natural resources/positive natural relations, often necessary for our survival, to remain in the competitiveness of/by systems of nature, output by own initiative exceeding the status/submission of relations in the direction of increasingly higher levels of relationships with (inside /outside) systems of nature.

The pro hyper evolutionary coefficient- “Co” (needed for measuring of… the primitives/progress of our potential/strategy against with or by with nature) could also be determined – due to its multi-functional role (including physics min E = mc2xCo) as a coefficient of primitivism, progress or neutrality of economic/technological activities, scientific, evolutionary in material/biological relations planned, potential deeper exploitation of the selected “constant” factors of interaction with surrounding the natural micro-macro space systems.
It is like a short-lived egocentric religion (of the contemporary pre neolithic era of a given level of passive exploitation and general strategic/religious / … “scientific” passivity to external processes] complacency of nihilism, vanity, greed by an assumption of … strategy, philosophy, the needs of thinking … peculiar thoughts autarkic economics not acknowledging the importance of a more in-depth, systematic, very mass growing “automatically” at a geometric pace {in relation to other equally rapidly developing and very demanding proper coordination at the appropriate hyper-pace of interactive systems of natural systems}, which we encounter. That may be our ally, enemy of the organization and programming tooling, elaboration, building up our own tendencies – hyper evolutionary / i.e., by us initiated artificially evolutionary broadly understood living and not living matter. – structures, processes in evolutionary structures in which we reside, to which we succumb, and which can … surrender to us.

Primitive technological/economic/production strategy affects evolutionary inhibition or degenerative development … we can talk about some progress in internal relations, even potentials, but not enough adjacent/structurally/strategically to immediate possibilities and threats. Of course, it can sometimes, accidentally and ad hoc respond (just like today with climate issues or epidemics) on the state, potential, or environmental threats.

We have to fight steadily to deserve what mankind could to work out.
To work out in a massive way ever bigger/more full front of re/neo creation by an organization of production technology of efficiency in any enterprise matter of against it with a natural evolutionary way by the hyper artificial input of our equal right for influencing tendency of any matter issues, features.

Mass production, in effect, appeals to a self-evolving environment, evolutionary trend, peculiar artificial exploratory movements, transformation transformations, transport, for example, of kinetic energy from … waves of work produced by our own robotic material – i.e., from waves of work … direct robots, robotic environment (a which will continue to take over from ever deeper decks of elementary particles of the world of micro-macro cosmos), not (just)from the living sun/earth but from the artificial generated robotic kinetic energy generator … the movement of the self-replicating system of the ocean of micro-robots – the new environment being developed – replacing
traditional production sources … electricity. Just creating artificial sources of (neo)energetic/mass mechanisms of artificial exploited briquetted matter … i.e., as if becoming independent of specific unprocessed sources of energy, ..and any structures of matter, life … Viruses, space systems are developing … we have to contribute and invent on a very massive scale of restructuring, re-energization of the platform, the background in which selected areas we intend to extend our existence and development.

The coefficient … of economic primitivism and economic and technological progress just refers to a given level of addiction and potential, the strategy of the industrial park of the processing of the internal environment for energy and other purposes. Calculation of this ratio has variable references on a given scale and potential level of economic, technological strategy (or lack of strategy) of exploration or physical exploitation of matter/particles, or a biological cell.

Primitive relations, i.e., a full dependence on nature as a natural feature of … stone and monkeys {although they also have their influence in the trends of environmental change, like any other thing and phenomenon to a greater or lesser extent – it is about winning, developing your own share in shaping nature – because she is a part of us. We want it or not. Consciously or not we influence its course and structure}or the attitude of an evolved thinking man, (positively/tendentiously)more and more “lazily” active man looking for a tooling system, mass automation in defining, developing, restructuring the direct and indirect environmental terrains hitherto beyond our reach of strategy and influence. Developing a strategy/system jointly responsible for the processes in and outside it with the increasingly more significant mass buffer/artificial background, reconstruction/exploitation of the space (for) security, and neo/creation.
Or strategy, or rather the lack of it according to “own” primitiveness or degradation, self-degradation due to the blind economic momentum not taking into account simply deeper processes, structures that affect
For example, the life expectancy of a person in so-called developed countries is little changed or degradable, due to (always-unless the war against the external/internal systems of nature that are dangerous to our lives- more about it later) own negative war, anti/ecological environmental tendencies. Harmful conditions for “living”, and due to external (internal) natural trends of system competition evolutionary and from chaotic or systemic hyper (= artificial) evolutionary strategy of man-made systems.

Economics, technology not taking into account systematic participation in natural processes in this matter, is a classic primitive construction / anti-natural process, as well as … anti-artificial, i.e., the cradle environment of humanity, human life … because ultimately the chaotic systems of nature will inconspicuously swallow this chaotic economics/technologies… just like it was with previous ones or other with civilizations or systems that are actually self-destroyed.
It is not about fear/or burying your head in the sand but courage on a more in-depth strategic strategy … mass reference to natural mass processes, which is so far unintentionally intact or even degrading to our disadvantage.
Potential and pro hyper evolutionary ratio, pro selective economics are not the same. It is burdened with the so-called economic, technological, operational vanity … it is a level of wasted, neutral potential, used concerning the natural state of a given period, e.g., pre-neolithic, pre-industrial, contemporary. So on, because the inherent potential is infinite. There is no absolute consideration associate with the pro hyper evolutionary coefficient.
This pro hyper evolutionary ratio is a reference … just like all patterns, models, and elements that come to a given level of technical ability to perceive or explore, exploit, reconstruct … at the same time pointing to infinite relativity of all past and contemporary models and patterns.

One thing is sure that it/the coefficient is an indicator determining the level in a given planned and passive area of ​​the strategic economic and technological potential.
This pro hyper evolutionary coefficient needed for mass autonomous technology and thus selective economics… new economics … [much more about it later] the different functions of this pro hyper evolutionary coefficient … really only around it/this coefficient deals selective economics/economics of hyper evolution/economics of changes in the relations of systems of nature/the environment of its exploitation/reconstruction… properties.

A primitive, vanity economy for the here and now
Primitive economy, civilization, and thus primitive technological strategy, mainly based on the empty goals of life … “Live only here and now”, continually leads to the danger of self-destruction through the destruction of resources / potential development opportunities specific / expected ( artificially created/bred) environmental trends.

Selective economics (anti vanity economy) is nothing other than the economics of technological perpetual mobile. It is a road/strategy for mass (re)construction but literally on any encountered levels/platforms for infinite energy self-developing reconstructions of properties/sources of a given developed level of material exploitation/life of controlled processes and controlled structures in the system of transferring tool competence/tooling energetically, massively, automatically, autonomously. That is a way of shaping the mechanisms of structures of evolution, i.e., the hyper development of life trends of micro macro cosmic matter and life.

These economic studies of this pro hyper evolutionary coefficient consistently determine and economic/production/exploitation/cultivated relations with nature in minus,(or)neutral but (or)above all in plus.
Economics of the technologization of ties and the re/neo creation and processing of nature’s tendencies as a perpetual mobile mechanism/machine of /for hyper (artificial/control)evolutionary relations, neo/creation.

To be continued to …own (fundaments of)tendencies of life and matter/energy.

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