Automation/acceleration of the mechanism of the new generation of production/transformation towards 4 D printers = evolution/miniaturization of self-replicating production complexes. 10.b.

Further open attempts/sketches, not easy drafts for an acceleration of productivity of environment transformation/neo creation by/in us and beyond.

Everything can be accomplished, even things, processes can be achieved, to us, it seems unreal, very, very distant, or that only a miracle can perform them …, and a miracle is to make processes/structures with the help of unimaginable actions not worked out in history. Everything that has so far reached above natural background levels was simply tinkering, processing, a restructuring that immediately affected the reprocessing of phenomena with which the reconstructed structures were the most harmonious, … the most processed/structural(energetically resonant- more about it later) resonant.

It is about the issues of systematicity, the direction of building with the help of materials, process structures of new levers, new structures, but in an increasingly bold, robust transformation process, sometimes as if aimless. Still, ultimately it is preparing the platform, the background for the next new structures. That more suiting our purposes, use resources, for reconstruction, environmental neo-creation, participation in this cosmic joint transformation, often at odds with other forces, tendencies, usually odds with our gardening of environment, of the background of care of the jungle of micro-macro cosmos of life and matter, from which we often fail to see opportunities and joint responsibility for this care and development.

The issue here is, as always, there has been a process in history. Developing awareness of a strategy of the process of development of the mechanism of development of tools, leverage for transformation, impact on the environment. Only here, our thoughts go more in-depth than previously achieved decks from many thousands of years ago, a few years ago and today. These decks that are still not sufficiently worked out systematically, not enough exploitable because of ordinary mind about we don’t need unnecessary action according to the scheme/paradigm… “because you will not change nature”.
We are not only observers but also full-fledged / full-duty participants involuntary to succumb to its systems, cooperating with or conquering these systems, such as acquiring greater or lesser potential for life and any non-passive existence.

This historical lever link of changes is about working out mechanisms for more effective achievement, crossing, breaking the barriers of existence and development, and transformation of the micro macrocosm as productively as possible ….. developing the mass of domino effect of applications.

It is about developing automation/autonomy = further (because they have always been historically and modernly occurring) a more massive transfer of competences of repetitive algorithmic processes, tools, devices, production systems, operating systems, energy, telecommunications, transport at the micro and macro space level. An economical, production/technological mechanism of the technical perpetuum mobile for the implementation of the neo creation.
Hyper evolution (the evolution of processes of their mechanisms, which will involuntarily change the face, will initiate/provoke any changes that we want to aim at). Any restructuring of reprocessing, and neo-structuring, neo-processing of establishing the environment of own tool facilities, own production and energy production park system may no longer be the production line of the Ford. Still, the self-replicating system, in this case, already hyperproduction of a multi-trillion scale. The production of new tools/levers (because this is how functions the mechanism of reconstruction, transformation of any processes of the structures of the events and … wonders of the space) to/for overweighting (any) phenomena globally and (micro-macro)cosmically that yesterday, today or tomorrow would seem to be impossible.

What does it mean? This means that self-development system is a mechanism, a process of controlling the system development of the tool lever system for reconstruction, change, structurally to be ahead of mass natural and artificial processes (economic, competitive and natural competitive theses) of all values, relations of processes of living and “non-living”[any capability to interactive transformation is a life] structures of the micro-macro space, including the overthrow of seemingly inviolable relations, with the help of those materials/structures/processes that are above our current potential enormously, by most performances {of course on some levels we are better than some nature systems- airplanes faster then sound}, processable, structurally determined by biological, physical processes … or in the field of the current backward economy, competition.

Mega self-replicating production.
Self-developing machine/technological perpetual mobile concept of cooperation in the micro-macro transformation of the physical and biological cosmos machine- this is a further historical, civilizational, or rather a strategic continuation (because the early one was not seen and currently also does one not see or one does not want to see the need for sense in pursuit of rivalry with finally hard already established “inviolable” regulations, patterns, walls of natural potential and growth and active participation in this process) breakthrough in the historical, civilizational improvement of the tooling tool system, cost reduction by billions times using increasing the front of transformational development potential (hype)revolution, neo-creation of the whole environment in the mode of translating/transformation virtual concepts, computer calculations into reality at a higher degree of automatic/automonous exploitation/processing than 3D printers … just like computers have evolved from large dimensions to a small complex but of the same or bigger size of production performance, reconstruction and exploitation complexes performances, will be a developed mechanism a… 4d printer(at start big self duplicating and dveloping plant/production complexes like by computer complexes history) strategy by this computer path will be automatic, autonomous – in a similar way as computers size, performance evolution will be developed production system/complex into direction of micro production and reproductive structures by designated spaces, structures, processes requiring transfrormation or simply neocreation structures, i.e. towards …printers 4 D/=technological perpetuum mobile of autonomous productivitet complexes. About this new strategy, an invention for accelerating, deepening the process of the neolithic (exploitation/reproduction)revolution, turning on a scale of possibilities we know or not known, for controlling process and structural trends of entire areas, levels of more or less unknown cosmos of matter/life. – more explanation about this strategy of 4 d printers complexes based on the process model, transformation mechanisms, streamlining the impact on physical and biological transformations will be after presenting general concepts of the principles of mechanisms for the development of existential foundations, the existential background in nearest articles/sketches.

To be continued to/of dependencies of nature, never closed and always open to changes that we can perform/accelerate with …developing tools from this nature and from our not passiveness.


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