Theory and not a passive practice of dynamics of transformation of space-time singularities – the foundation of the mechanism of (neo)creation. 1.a. Introduction.

Theory and not a passive practice of dynamics of transformation of space-time singularities – the foundation of the mechanism of (neo)creation. 1.a.

Introduction … to the creative/development explosion strategy. Futurism…our thoughts, our actions are supposed to have a quite current but futuristic take-up … vanity or hyper evolutionary / neo creative character/mind.

Further open suggestions/bricks/steps(or maybe jumps) – but already closer to production than theory and faith – further determination, clearance of space, levels of exploitation of development potential in us – initiators – and platforms from blocks, process / structural blocks … as it was in the construction of pyramids, factories, hospitals. … space … space … but maybe more and more micro/macro space in its tool/autonomous extensions.
To date, we have thoughts (unfortunately based on actions) related to our subtle convictions about inviolable relations in nature, whether in the private, scientific/scholastic, or economic or … evolutionary field … we do not mention our joint responsibility and efforts to shape these relations in a pre-Neolithic era belief as if stopped in time…in the current(…and finished) level of exploitation of nature.

We must be aware of passing, developing our position. Our position in pushing the boundaries of the neolithic revolution, hyper evolutionary. The boundaries between economics and science/religion, pre neolithic of vanity and selective economics thinking at a level higher than vegetative/vanity, Although it (the vanity)could be also be used as unused specific energetic/structural mass-, processes due to the determination of strategy plans, directions of any existence and development.
More specifically, we are talking here more about extensive activities. Not the occasional transformation of some structures or phenomena, but rather more about adapting the field for the processes that science will deal with extensively prepared changing tool, material, economic background for this science, by developing
environments… … literally – grounds for the cultivation of robotics, automatic systems, for hyper neolithic revolution, for hyper evolution.

Faith/support (not unsubstantiated / not without cover in multi-time, multi-spatial action) of human love, developed at the turn of the centuries of development – and it is based on deeds and tools … of production/and science, is a proper chain process, a mechanism of neo-creation, a specific neo-architecture of environment, its transformations on the firm foundations of evolution (from our non-passive side of hyper evolutionary) supports/directs – subcutaneously genes processes of their programming software strategies of action and vice versa …
built, systematically built -on deeds/tools- faith makes a system that realizes things impossible today. Still, all this is certainly possible to implement because all the space is a set of blocks, building blocks that we can carve out, arrange according to our direct and tooling (automatic/autonomous/robotic / team of mutual interactive cooperating robots … tools for mass transformation, in effect domino of “the metallurgy “of ever deeper areas, decks of structures that may interfere with and at the same time depends on our work whether they will rather help (like the wind in the yacht’s sail) in achieving more and more effective our goals, the dream of our faith in this case based on deeds, not idle craving for help, i.e., it is about working out a no vanity/no-hopeless attitude but bold strategy, economy, technology … tools of domino effect structure/processes…so tangible love or simply shared responsibility that is true faith means faith, and responsibility at once…
supported by actions .. a powerful tool / technological, production, economic back-up facilities to really help these spiritual activities… love and works together do these miracles, i.e., not standard ones (not based on systems that do not give the chance of further expected trends and changes – not the economics of vain ) the effects of economic and scientific actions, on a scale exceeding the current size of the conventional sense, but not the size of faith, additionally based on full responsibility, because only powerful actions are the right real factor in translating our thoughts, dreams, plans, belief in its effectiveness into its veracity, credibility will not support with empty gestures or words, or empty / vanity activities, scientific and economic strategies.

A need for strategy, faith-based on action. We need a definition of our activities, our position, our full responsibility in shaping all processes and structures. The need to influence by our personality, our lives, on space-time singularities in us and outside.
The need for active/=non-passive participation, co-creation, and processing of process structures. The need to develop a mechanism – such a dogma of influencing and transforming the environment, so that it is not so brutal in its actions on our and its part. We need to share, contribute to the garden of Eden, for which we must cooperate all the time.
The need to develop, define a definition, technology of practice (of course, it will always be improved) of this mechanism of co-creation, the neocracy of our life, and the environment.

The definition of increasing the speed/effectiveness/massiveness of achieving each intended change trend through
artificial enlargement of a specific space area (peculiar) “4” dimensional skipping 3-dimensional problems, space, or their transformation…
Activities with the help of technological production inclusions, exploitative and reconstructive materials – hyper (selective)economics … it is an artificial increase, increasing the service potential, eliminating the quasi-property/factors restrictions in terms of deployment and in feedback ways: it increases technological mobility, the creation of new technologies … for further operation of the reconstruction and so back in this process tool … hyper evolutionary neo-neolithic, the next stages of the levels of the industrial revolution on deeper and deeper spaces of exploration, exploitation, material reconstruction … This exploitation can stand before research, and before this exploitation, this neo production, neo tool room adapted to the increasing level of automation … caused by this further operation, etc.

To be continued on explanations and deployment of the foundation of the expanding massiveness of achieving each intended change trend through
artificial enlargement of a specific space area 3 dimension by artificially “4” neo dimension/=adaptation transformations/neo creation.

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