Towards fundaments of non passive life/matter/energy mechanics . 1.c.

Continuations of drawing of constructing mechanics(mechanism of mega-production/hyper evolution/selective economics) of (zero-one)fundaments/levers of life and matter/energy.

…internal structural changes allowing for massive re/neo/construction self-replicating robotic systems hyper material hyper-energetic in the directions to cell, atom, including energy, scaffolding, protection … allowing direct human existence…on the arctic, desert,… the moon,…..sun! by ever more profound production/exploitation remote control of body features engineering

The processes of external and internal structural changes of the environment both inside and outside us by allowing the inclusion of a strategy that would allow, would allow massive r/neo/construction by/of self-replicating robotic systems to achieve systematically more and more efficient structures/processes of material, energy/material, properties hyper energy in structures, models covering external areas/models of human activity in selected areas of the earth, moon, space, sun as well as the race to internal structures, cellular, atomic properties, including energy, scaffolding, protective … allowing indirect planetary, atmospheric, cosmic, (e.g., artificial atmospheres for mega-production/mega exploitation of heavy atmospheric and soil compounds) moon, mars (but also earth!) engineering, as if they shall be encapsulated, rebuilt, as well as direct engineering of internal human structures, internal structures of planets, and another engineering/neo structure constructions at atomic, cell / genetic levels!

Through specific metallurgy of high temperatures, low temperatures, i.e., re/energization processes, reconstruction, re/processing of phenomena, objects
through a connector, transmissions from developed models, connection to artificial local/possibly internal self-replicating energy systems, one can change structures as he likes … on 3d printers but in the dimension of structural changes in the matter/energy processes/structures of given objects indicated for restructuration or neo creation of their hyperproduction, a kind of hyper-exploitation of internal energy and material resources, atomic/cells of other constituent properties, the features we are interested in needed to create their internal production system, reproduction, neo production, micro mega autarkic production according to internally determined models of remote control model development of this technological perpetuum mobile internal reprinting “remodeling” of structures/material/energy processes
hyper productively … hyper evolutionally … so able to create their own worlds/singularities: automatic mass production pushing the barrier of exploration-exploitation reconstruction, protection, development of matter-energy of life…

Peculiar material energy exploitation, their reproduction that will have increasingly massive character, more and more allowing for more efficient interference in the structures of micro-macro space properties, further instrumentation, instrumentation of their autonomization processes, automation leading to the production of technological units of perpetual mobile, generically-generated generic program and remote control (by us individually as inter-services applications on our demand and levels of/by further achievements) printers 4 d outside and inside of …us.

Developing additional niches as another third dimension, or better as 4th dimension, hyper-spatial/breaking, changing existing structures, processes, properties of processes, the potential of the human environment, service … The extended front of structuring the processing of creation of/by own hyper evolution. It is its own extra generation of contribution to the creation, functioning, characterization of relations between all processes, structures of the cosmos, and life in an increasingly faster-automated pace … to finally overtake this cosmos as in its time it has overcome the sound barrier.

Selective economics / hyper evolution / production / mega-production / = life is catching, creating new niches, over 3 d spaces for further transformation of any structures / processes, any existing arrangements / relations of creation, neo-creation
And so the economics of total creation is of great importance in … the economization of physics … The technological strategy of re/neo/creation of factors, physical and biological properties including expansion, deepening the definition of processes or rather the services of matter/mass of energy.

Not just the direct expansion of service, but the creation of conditions, working out, further transformation gives the conditions for further extension of the service automatically … for expanding the conditions to an even further, different, larger front of the service and so repeating spirally into the next hyper-dimensional spaces using this selective economy, hyper evolutionary, mega productive, the economics of the life and space around and in us, in no any more passive but in a more and more aware and efficient process of creation.

All laws and relations, coefficients are local, limited in their application. The issue is further expanding mechanisms that are to be further, the decisive basis for these laws of relations … already extended, that is, there are no more laws, let us forget about them, but make us work out continually our responsibility for the processes of these “laws”, or somewhat changing complexity of relations developed on our part and thus creating their own …not passive but very active laws – deserved rights by our impact/work/dignity, not any more abstract inviolable “scientific” laws.

To be continued towards zero one system of levers of not passive creation by us as the absolute paradigm of life and matter features/development.

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